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4-16-11, 10:37pm
When I was headed to lunch yesterday, I noticed a co-worker's car door open. I thought she had just got back to lunch and I walked towards her car. Only to notice it was not her.

A young guy was sitting in the front seat, door open, going through some paperwork.
His backpack was sitting on the floor. I assumed it was her nephew and maybe she had picked him up from school.

I had a flashing impression to call her on my cell phone...just to be sure, but for some reason, I dismissed the thought.

Yep, as you guessed it - her car was being robbed. I am not sure if he saw me walk up or not, I was probably about 10 feet from him. I never saw his face.

I haven't spoken with her yet - she leaves before I do - and she discovered as she was leaving Friday evening. She is such a good person and I know has been struggling financially. She has helped raise her sister's kids (druggie in Mexican prison). Always goes the extra mile at work. And to think I could have stopped it makes me feel very bad.

I have gotten the report second hand, but apparently the door was unlocked - money & wallet in car...:(

4-16-11, 10:46pm
Sorry you feel so bad. All of us at times make mistakes. Maybe there is something you can do to help her ongoing? Maybe take up a collection or do something extra special for her?

It is not your fault that bad people do bad things.

Float On
4-16-11, 11:06pm
At least you can pinpoint the time of the robbery for her police report. I'd offer to do what you could as far as being a witness and just explain you thought it was her nephew.

Zoe Girl
4-17-11, 11:20am
Oh dear, with her money and wallet in the car that is bad. All anyone would get from my car is trash actually.

I would just explain and offer help.

4-17-11, 11:53am
I don't think it's your fault for making a reasonable assumption about the scenario in front of you.

Zoe Girl
4-17-11, 12:08pm
I think what is hard is that we all want to be the person there to protect the good people we care about (she sounds like a great lady) but we rarely get that chance. The missed opportunity may be part of what is really hard. In that case maybe people at work can do something to collect some money for what was stolen and for all she will need to pay for like maybe a new drivers license, wallet, etc. And then just covering her job for time she will need to take care of talking to police or any other follow up issues. I think if you were able to help organize that in some way it would be really helpful and let her know that you care about her.

4-17-11, 2:59pm
it's one of those life lessons, but best news is that no one was hurt.
I worked in a small office building years ago and a thief snuck in up the stairwell and into an office and stole about $80 cash from a staffer's purse. People were a little shaken, and changes were made to lock the stairwell from the outside, but we also passed the hat and got enough cash to reimburse her along with a card that said, "don't let the bad guys win."
Just a timely reminder that most people are good, so be cautious but not fearful.

4-17-11, 5:24pm
You may not have been safe if you had confronted this person ... so maybe it happened exactly like it should have.

4-17-11, 6:53pm
Same as Tammy you may have been in danger....

4-18-11, 1:25pm
I spoke with my co-worker this a.m. she was very understanding and admitted she should have locked her car. She said she has to use the key to lock it and was running late from lunch. She said, of course normally she always locks it. He stole her father's digital camera, some cash, etc. -- "nothing that can't be replaced" she said.

Wow, what a great attitude - "nothing that can't be replaced" - that speaks volumes about the stuff we have and what is really important.

4-18-11, 5:36pm
(((applauding your co-worker AND you, Greg))))