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Chicken lady
5-3-16, 5:58pm
I hope it's ok if I start a new thread.

I didn't do too well in April, but i've been puttering around and wanted to post a May update.

areas that are better:

large barn/studio - less cardboard, less recycling, fewer boxes of jars, less trash, more orderly (slight increase in "useful saved items")

garden - partly mulched
animal barn - stalls cleaned, picked up a little, less trash
Garage - less trash/recycling, fewer items that don't go in the garage
Basement - discard items removed, trash and recycling removed, partly cleaned out farm fridge, clean jars neatly put away in designated location.

laundry room - less laundry on the floor
bathroom - less laundry on the floor, counter partly cleaned off
living room - removed items that don't go in living room
car - less trash/recycling

areas that are worse - bedroom - no sheets on bed, basket of clean laundry on floor, items dumped on dresser

Can't tell - kitchen - fewer plastic bags, dirty dishes on counter replaced by groceries on counter, stuff from counter put away in basement or barn, new stuff to go out to barn or down to basement piled on table.

my big curbside trash can is full.

5-3-16, 9:03pm
You are getting things under control from the sound of it. Feels great, doesn't it?

Chicken lady
5-3-16, 9:59pm
We'll,I'm not sure about under control, but moving toward controllable?

just so you know, when I say "trash" I don't mean food wrappers and such (well, except for the car - I confess to leaving empty after school snack trash and gum wrappers in the console). I mean things like half a cup of twist ties, or 47 styrofoam egg cartons that have been run through the dishwasher and reused so many times the lid is about to come off, but they might be good for something and I can't recycle them.....

i put put away the groceries and cleaned up the kitchen - it is definitely better. And made the bed.