View Full Version : there is a little ray of justice!

Zoe Girl
4-19-11, 10:20am
My weekend job has some real issues. I am not in any authority there so that is hard, but I sure see it. There is one coworker who is an absolute horror. She has spent the last 2-3 years really making life miserable for my friend (T) who happens to have cancer again, and the cancer has not improved how she treats T. I have people coming up to me on the weekend to relay horror stories of working with C however management has largely lumped T and C together for reviews and criticism basing it on what is 'fair'. Last years reviews were so horrible and biased it wasn't even funny. I would have quit if I coudl have afforded it.

So now we have a new HR person and guess what! T got a review that was good based on her own work! C shared that hers was so bad she walked out in the middle of the manager talking and went home and the manager called her immature. Well yeah, The things she was told were most likely the ones she has been hearing all year but she just thought she would get another good review in spite of it all. The new HR person was asked what the most challenging part of her job is and she said how long our store hangs onto poor performers!!!

I am just so relieved.

4-19-11, 9:32pm
Sometimes one has to wait and let things unfold to correct themselves but it is hard to watch injustice and wait.