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1-2-11, 9:49pm
I still can't believe it, but just a mere few weeks ago we were left reeling over the thought of never again having a forum "for us", never again being together, yet here we are today, together again, and in full force by all accounts! United as ever!

Rarely has a day passed where I haven't reminded myself as to the luck I had and was carrying with me the very day I accidentally happened upon the SL site, and to think that after all this time we as members still pride ourselves with being together, being close, being supportive of one another and each other, and allowing for our SL desires to blossom and bloom and run wild in the name of simplicity and frugality! Absolutely wonderful!

It's been a voyage, a journey, and in some cases an all out expedition, but one thing is for sure, one could scour the internet in search of all the internet and online forums out there and at the end of ones exhaustive search the answer would remain the same, that answer being, there is truly NO other forum out there (anywhere) where the love, the support, and the true deep down desire and dedication to be together and continue with something truly magnificent compares to what we have here! Three cheers for "we" the SL people!

Blessings to everyone!

1-3-11, 8:45am
Over 500 varieties? Really? :0 Wow!

Yes, New Year, new forums...the world is spinning in greased grooves! :cool:

1-3-11, 4:55pm
Originally posted by Peggy.
Over 500 varieties? Really? Wow! That's what I say! :) Love the "cool" dance!

1-3-11, 6:51pm
I have drawn much strength over the past few years from these forums. It is so nice to know that I am not alone in the quest for a simple life. Happy dance for the new forums!!!!!!

1-3-11, 7:30pm
Dancing with you Tenngal! :cool: