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6-3-16, 7:21am
Hey, it's already 6/3 and no Frugals thread yet! We've so far managed to keep dining expenses to a minimum this week, which was the big challenge I had set for us. Gardening expenses were higher than planned, and I had some unplanned dental expenses, but nothing frivolous. Recreational activities have consisted of some beautiful walks, gardening, & trips to the library.
How is everyone else doing?

6-3-16, 9:13am
Well, I have stopped shopping. Cold turkey. No looking just because. No looking because I have a coupon or there is a sale. I organized my closet and realize that I have more than enough now that I can find the things I own.

Rediscovered the library. Right now learning how to download free audio books for walking and a road trip later in the year.

6-3-16, 5:08pm
Rediscovered the library. Right now learning how to download free audio books for walking and a road trip later in the year.

If your library offers Hoopla, try that out. It's way easier than Library2go and other services that use the Overdrive console.

6-3-16, 5:47pm
Well, :-) I am making husband figure it out first and then he can try it and explain it. But thanks for the heads up.

6-3-16, 8:44pm
My library offers a choice between Overdrive and Kindle. Kindle's pretty easy.

6-3-16, 8:48pm
My reusable bags are on their last legs. While shopping at my neighborhood Grocery Outlet (a place that reliably saves me anywhere from 30% to 50% on my bill), I spied some sturdy folding bags that use a stretch and clip method to hook to a shopping cart. They were 4$ for two. I got four. Regular price !5$. They should last a good long while. I've had my old ones--from Trader Joe's--for at least twenty years.

6-5-16, 11:22am
I couldn't believe it: DH, who is usually the master of frugality, neglected to do some comparison shopping with our renters/auto insurance when we left Washington and moved to Nevada a couple of months ago. Two days ago, he was complaining how our insurance rates had nearly doubled when we moved, so I said, "I assume, of course, that you've checked with other providers." To my amazement, he hadn't. He made a quick call to a provider we previously used when we lived in Nevada (no names here, but think of an animated gecko with a London accent). Sure enough, fifteen minutes later we'd saved more than 30% on our rates!

We also used a "Welcome to the Neighborhood" coupon for a local restaurant that gave us $15 off our once-a-week night-out restaurant meal. It was great--fish and chips, yum!

6-5-16, 6:17pm
nothing frugal this week. Too dang tired from all the work hours covering my job along with another for a sick staff member. Ate out every dang night. I've GOT to come up with low energy meals at home.

At least I'm reading library books and i don't buy them cuz I have a lazy moment!

i've started monitoring the TV schedule for older movies. We've never been much for going to the theatre nor renting movies. We use our DVR all the time!!!

6-5-16, 7:59pm
Selah: 30% on auto insurance is a pretty impressive savings, congratulations! We were able to stay disciplined all week with dining, and our final cost for food prepared outside the home was $26.00 for the week. We were a little high on groceries last week, but well under budget this week, so OK overall. We watched "Gone Girl" from the library and I finished one of the 3 library books I got (Sparta by Roxana Robinson, it was very good). Back to work tomorrow :(

ETA: Work is good, but vacation is much better! At least the one day per week work from home schedule is now in effect.

6-7-16, 9:36am
I do pretty good as our one market has a clearance section which i get bread items for 0.49,and pastas for o.50 and canned items 0.46-0.75 so i save there and i get meats on markdown prices as well,also get alot of things given to me as we have free sites here where people just give things away or they put things in front of their homes with free signs on them,which is great as i repurpose many things i find,and i grow my own garden which i have beans,watermelon,radishes,tomato's,cucumbers,i have blueberry and strawberry patio plants and i grow my own green grapes and i have a rasberry bush gardening and growing your own things save alot especially when you freeze,right now my peppers are getting to be good sized already.:)

6-8-16, 11:28am
I'm still on the l-o-n-g recovery with strained piriformis/psoas muscles and their buddy sciatica.

I have flashes of feeling better, though. Sunday I navigated through Kmart's minefield of exclusions and picked up 3 new bras for $18.50 after coupons.

6-8-16, 6:58pm
Nice score, MM. Hope you are feeling better soon!

6-8-16, 9:37pm
Thanks, Rosa. (((HUGS)))

6-12-16, 8:06am
It's a pretty quiet frugals thread this month!
We came in under budget for groceries (weekly) and Costco (monthly). We went to our "cheap date" theater in Boston last night to see Peter & the Starcatcher, and did not go out to eat or for cocktails or anything, just went to the theater in back and got free parking in my employer's garage. I earned my monthly $5.00 Bing Amazon reward yesterday. I moved $100 saved from lower energy bills into our savings account.
Also did some online wellness classes last week to earn $50 gift card from my employer.
I've been challenging myself to walk more as part of my wellness/health coaching activities. Yesterday I walked to and from my haircut appointment (3 miles round trip). I like to walk, hate to drive and the weather was good, so that felt like a win beyond the minimal gas savings. I got to work from home 1 day which saves about $5.00 and I walked to the bus 1 nite instead of taking the subway which saved $1.60. I would walk to the bus more often if I was lugging less stuff. When I do walk, it also guarantees that I miss the most reliable bus. If I take the subway, I have probably a 60 - 70% chance of catching that bus. It's frustrating. The "good bus" leaves at 5:20 and I can walk to the bus stop by 5:25. There is supposedly a 5:30 bus, but it is almost always late, and sometimes arrives as last as 5:50. So I don't love standing & waiting 25 minutes for a bus. Some days it's an acceptable trade-off and other days it is not. The worst thing is when I take the train and miss the bus anyway. It's pretty amazing that the subway can't move people 1.5 miles in less than 20 minutes and that I can often get there faster on foot! :(

Aqua Blue
6-12-16, 12:12pm
I have been wanting a little fountain for my patio. found the one I had been looking at in the store for $150 for $20 at a garage sale. IT is perfect.

I am close to having me chest freezer empty, I will unplug it and see if I really need it. MY eating habits have changed and am not sure it is a good deal for me anymore. I should be able to have it empty by the end of this month.

Aqua Blue
6-14-16, 10:06pm
Haha, forced frugality...I went out to the garage and the above mentioned freezer wasn't working. Things like the butter were just beginning to soften but the 2 chickens were still solid. Scrambled to rearrange the frig freezer to get everything in it. After I did that I went out and looked at the freezer better and plugged something else into the outlet just to make sure it wasn't the outlet. It was the outlet-something had tripped the GFI. But, I have wanted to see how I would do without the freezer and now I have it empty. Washed it out well and am leaving the door open until I decide if I keep it or it goes. A family member is having a garage sale at the end of Aug, so hopefully I decide by then.

6-15-16, 4:59am
That's a great score on the fountain, Aqua! I'll be interested in hearing what you decide on the freezer. I've wondered off & on if we should invest in one, but since I don't know where we would even put it, have so far refrained.

Aqua Blue
6-15-16, 7:40am
rosarugosa, I'll keep you posted. Where I lived when I was working it seemed to make sense. I had quite a few hunting/fishing friends and was often given meat.. I also worked and with chronic fatigue fairly often relied on frozen premade meals. Now that has changed of course and it had pretty much become a tomb for undecided left overs.

6-16-16, 7:18pm
DH cut up a pineapple this morning and we made infused water with the core and a few handfuls of mint from our garden. It is so good!

6-21-16, 9:53am
I managed to stick to my written grocery list as well as bringing cloth bags instead of adding to the pile of plastic bags. Last week I visited a few thrift stores; I left with a bag of jeans and a few workpants for only 24 dollars total. Much better than going to the retail store!

6-21-16, 10:03am
I managed to stick to my written grocery list as well as bringing cloth bags instead of adding to the pile of plastic bags.

Nice! :+1: