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6-22-16, 9:32am
Debate of the day:

I love my sunglasses. In Texas, they are a requirement most of the year. I can't see otherwise and the light hurts my eyes. I have ALWAYS worn Ray Bans 1. Because they last 2. Style pretty much is the same year after year 3. I get my money's worth. I have banged them around, scratched them, worn them in pool water, salt water, had a dog step on them. etc...and they keep ticking...(Wait that's Timex)

The debate is quality vs. price. Yep, I pay over $130 a pair, purchasing every few years or as needed. I usually wait for a sale and get 2 pairs with some sort of discount. This last time it was $75 off 2 pairs over $200. Well worth the investment. I just had my old pair fixed- they replaced the lens for $30 and straightened out the wires.

I do the same for 1. Shoes- I only buy 3-4 brands I know last and work for my feet 2. Bags- again, they have lasted- held up against me overfilling them and putting them through rough times. 3. Workout gear- I like the technical stuff because it works in the heat here and washes up beautifully, with no odor or stretching.

This also helps keep me minimal in some ways, because if those brands do not have what I need, I probably don't need it. I have never had a crisis where I could not find something or make something else work.

Thoughts? Comments?

6-22-16, 9:36am
Add in yoga gear specifically. I bought a really great mat and blocks and I don't regret that purchase at all. It was a kinda in between in price but still, money is money.

6-22-16, 12:02pm
My last pair of sunglasses lasted four years and I bought them at the thrift store for $3.00:) I just paid $15 for a pair from Target and that was a splurge for me. We all have certain items we don't compromise on. I am with you on shoes though. Only certain brands make my feet happy.

6-22-16, 12:13pm
I spend about $35 on my shades. I use them for everything and almost all year (sun in summer and snow in winter).

But I get the special polarized ones so I can see into water when fishing -- this helps with sight-fishing crappie and bluegill.

I am notoriously rough on equipment, so I won't buy the really nice ones because they will get dinged up or even smashed or lost.

6-22-16, 1:40pm
I finally just got prescription sunglasses because I kept putting on and taking off my regular glasses to read anything. Love them. Costco has great prices and I got red framed sunglasses. Woohoo.

6-22-16, 1:45pm
I never wear sunglasses--they're not really a necessity around here, and my driving glasses darken in the sun, sufficient for my needs.
Otherwise, I buy what I want, with an eye toward value. Style occasionally trumps value, but that's OK with me.
Remember though, I'm in no way a minimalist.

I second the praise for Costco glasses. I would't shop anywhere else. "Fashionable" glasses are generally grossly overpriced.