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8-28-16, 11:15am
Well, I have been living and working in New Mexico for just about two weeks now, and I FINALLY slept all night long without waking up! Yeah, it has been a veritable whirlwind of activity and motion, really since I got home from my road trip back in late June and decided to start this crazy adventure!

So, as I posted for weeks before, I basically sold, recycled and gave away about 95% of my possessions, going from 1160 square feet two bedroom townhouse with a basement to about approx. 300 ft, consisting of a bedroom, a "main" room and a bath. There is no kitchen per say, but I have set up a kitchen corner with a new, less-than-full size fridge. I am working on cooking facilities, but have a microwave, a coffee maker and a Coleman Stove for now.

So backing up about three weeks ago, when things really had to be pulled together, I finished up my work at Wholefoods, had a wonderful going away party at a local brew house with my friends, I had an open house and gave a bunch of my art and other possessions away to friends, sold a lot of stuff, and took a lot to the consignment store. My friends generously donated money to the cause to help pay for my U-Haul trailer and hitch hook-up fee.

Fast-forward to the actual drive: it took a little while to feel comfortable pulling the trailer with my Honda Accord, but after a day or so I got used to driving it at highway speeds, but I totally avoided having to back up the car and trailer; I just could NOT get the concept of that! It took 3.5 days to get to New Mexico, and I ended up camping each night and saved a bunch of money by not staying in motels like I had originally planned to allow myself to do.

I arrived on Monday, August 15th and my new boss (the owners of the gallery) helped me unload and start setting things up. My first (and only) day of training at the gallery from him came on Tuesday afternoon, and I opened the gallery on a Thursday and started running it myself after one of the part-timers showed me a few more things! I feel like I am starting to really settle into the position and it's been fun putting my mark on the store and layout and displays. I've already done some ordering for the busy fall season.

My days off so far have been spent going back to Santa Fe and continuing to get stuff that helps me function in my tiny home. I am almost done setting up the living space but I really need to turn my attention to getting the studio corner set up so I can start fabricating jewelry again. I have sold a LOT of my own jewelry in the two weeks since I have been here!

In between all the work and organizing, I have had some time to go to things happening in town, which just means walking up the street to the tavern for a beer or just to visit other artists in their galleries. I went to another artist's art opening last week and met some people. I also went to a Poet's Society Meeting and ended up playing two of my original songs. It'll take a little time to get the social thing really going but I am committed to putting myself out there and joining things as they come up.

Working 10 to 5pm is such a more civilized way of working compared to the Wholefoods 6am shift!!!!!!!! Everything about it is SO much better for me - one of the main things I've noticed is that my knees don't hurt anymore!!!!!! That is truly a miracle in itself! My body doesn't feel like I am 75 instead of almost 55! This week I am really working on adopting a daily routine which involves getting down on the floor and doing my stretching (sadly ignored all summer due to the moving craziness), getting out of the house in the beautiful desert mornings for a walk/run (me run? I can't even believe I am trying it!) and generally just letting the morning unfold until I have to open up the shop,. I am working on going to sleep at around 11pm and waking up at 7am - last night was the first time it worked without me waking up for several hours during the middle of the night. I am trying a combination of something called "Deep Sleep", which is some sort of herbal remedy I got at Wholefoods when I still worked there and Sleepytime Extra Tea. I am really trying to get away from the Ambien and Benadryl. I think as time goes forward and I settle into the Mountain Time Zone things will really iron themselves out in that area of my life.

Well, I think that is all for now, as I need to start my stretching routine and get on with my morning. I want to thank each of you for the positive thoughts and encouragement you have shown me through this long, drawn out process of upending life as I knew it! There will be more reports to come!

8-28-16, 11:27am
Thanks for the update. I still need to view your video. I'm just thrilled for you. It sounds better than we even imagined. Great that you took the risk and it's working out so well.

8-28-16, 11:49am
I am in awe of your gumption and so very pleased to see you have regular hours and sleep schedule. How wonderful to see the results of the move showing up in your body so quickly! You knocked 20 years off!!! Thank you for sharing this adventure. It is inspiring.

iris lilies
8-28-16, 11:56am
Hey OP, you are going to have to change your geographical location on you profile here! No longer an upper Midwesterner are you!

8-28-16, 2:33pm
Thank you for the update. You sound HAPPY!

8-30-16, 11:15am
I get so excited hearing about these kinds of changes. You are brave. Thanks for keeping us informed.

8-30-16, 11:21am
I think you're awesome, and so happy that you are already getting signs you made the right decision! (i.e., your knees!!)

Float On
8-30-16, 11:43am

8-30-16, 1:12pm
No more schedule torture! Free to make art! New surroundings to explore!
What a great midlife gift you've given yourself.

8-31-16, 6:43pm
Listed as a "hippie town." :~)

8-31-16, 9:02pm
How did you find this job and tiny home space?

It is wonderful to find the place where you are supposed to be!

I have considered joining a cult or becoming a nun to get out of my region! I even looked up hippie places to see if I could join.

I can hear the happiness in your posts!!

8-31-16, 11:51pm
Really happy for you!