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9-4-16, 6:29am
Wow, we are four days into the new month without a Frugals thread! I wanted to sing the praise of our Market Basket grocery chain. They have all-around great prices all the time, but a few times every summer they do a sale on "Live & Kicking Lobsters" for $5.99/lb. We had a couple of delicious lobsters for dinner last night for about $13.00, so maybe not the cheapest dinner in the world, but certainly a very inexpensive lobster dinner. I made a Caprese salad to go with it using tomatoes from the Farmer's Market & mozzarella from Market Basket. Vino du jour was Kirkland brand Sonoma Chardonnay which is a real steal at $6.99 a bottle. So fairly frugal fine dining at home!
I finished a library book for after dinner entertainment and tonight we're going to watch a movie I got from the library.

9-4-16, 7:43am
Went to a couple of garage sales on Friday and Saturday. Found a canner for $5. complete with canning rack. One of the sales on a farm so got 4 qts of peaches for 4 dollars. Other best finds were a handmade cherrywood canning spoon/paddle that an 80 year old lady's neighbor made for her so she wouldn't burn herself, so I can use that for the canning project. And my favorite, an enamel Arabia bowl for a dollar!!

9-4-16, 4:57pm
As a work-at-home worker, I spend an enormous amount of time at my desk. I never liked my ugly metal pencil holder, which I need to keep within reach. So I donated it to Goodwill and bought a small, beautiful leaded crystal bud vase there to replace it--for $7.99. I cleaned it up, and it sparkles gorgeously.

I also re-purposed a soap dish we weren't using anymore as a paperclip holder, and it looks great.

Finally, I realized I needed a little pocket mirror in my desk drawer to check my look throughout the day, as I teach online and am on webcam for hours at at time. Falling asleep last night, I remembered a compact mirror someone had given me as a memento many years ago. Instead of it sitting in my (one and only now) box of souvenirs, I decided to put it to use. It belonged to my friend's mother, and now they are both deceased. I like to think they would be happy it's still performing a useful purpose!

9-4-16, 5:25pm
Recently changed tvs and got a SmartTv (on sale for a great price). The frugal part is now we have Netflix (for 2 tvs) for $10/mo (still on the free month). I think $1.25/week per person is frugal since we cut out most of cable. I am totally enamored with Netflix. Roku could be added to a tv to make it a "SmartTv". We don't go to the movies and previously used the library for dvds. I can live with $10/month for tv.

9-4-16, 9:31pm
Got some great stuff from a FREE pile - a couple of pairs of like-new sweat pants (J.Crew) that fit dd perfectly, 3 perfectly good flannel shirts, a half wine barrel planted with mint, two big pots of peonies, and two bags of wood chips.

The plants are going in the ground, and I'll use the containers for next year's tomatoes.

The free piles around here are amazing. A couple months ago I got a box full of new canvas boards and about 20 unopened tubes of acrylic paints.

It's another benefit of biking. The people in cars just drive by and don't even see it! Though I did need to pedal on home and get the car to haul the stuff.

9-4-16, 10:24pm
We are having our daughter's wedding in our backyard next Saturday - I have been using FB, our neighborhood list serve and craigs list to not only pick up stuff needed for the wedding but selling things that are no longer needed.

Our 1 year old grandson will be here for the first time - sold the cabinet that is the bedroom they will use that could be easily tipped over, got a free ride on toy for him to enjoy while here, got 2 wood high chairs for use at reception and will pass them on to another neighbor who also needed them but for a later event, pulled out the toys bought this summer at garage sales and gave them a good bleach wash, also got a Little Tykes Cozy Coupe that he may be too small for but since it was free to me, I'll pass it on post-wedding.

Bought 11 new in boxes of white lights for the back yard ($3 each) but only used 4 so will sell the balance once things settle down. Table, chair, and tent rental are through local church where the donation goes to support youth missions - they drop off, set up and tear down on your schedule! Our daughter bought some Ikea last chance solar lights that will supplement the hanging lights - again to be re-sold post wedding. Flowers for friends yards so no florist bill. Food will be delivered by caterer but served by friends/family. All plates, cups and cups are compostable.

Mostly happy to be surrounded by family and friends here to put aside differences and celebrate this lovely couple!! Keep your fingers crossed for nice weather!!!!!!!!

9-5-16, 10:14am
Even if the weather is yucky, the arrangements sound wonderful.

9-8-16, 3:47pm
I went to the library today. While driving back, I resisted the temptation to go to Middle Eastern foods store and by pistachio halvah. Money saved: $7.00.

I also resisted the temptation to go to Albertson's and buy one delicious frosted cupcake. Money saved: $1.29.

I also resisted the temptation to stop by gas station and buy Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Money saved: $1.29.

In all, I saved $9.58 by exercising my willpower this morning, not to mention unneeded calories and unnecessary elevation of my blood sugar.

Still dreaming about that cupcake, though...

9-8-16, 6:11pm
OMG, real halvah! I haven't had it in years. Or real Turkish delight, either. That is some willpower :)

9-8-16, 7:26pm
Impressive will power!

9-8-16, 8:52pm
Gardenarian: I love the idea of free piles; I wish they would catch on around here. Good scores!
Good luck with the wedding Chrissie, and Selah, good work on resisting temptation!
I have a few small frugals:
Borrowed 3 library books yesterday.
Bought 4 books from the library for princely summer of $3.00. At least 2 will be gifts.
Found a beautiful hydrangea flower in the road near the town hall on the way home from the library. Brushed it off, brought it home and put it in a vase.
We had a metal fan to put out in the trash, which requires a $2.00 disposal fee sticker. I put it out a couple of days early with no sticker in hopes someone would grab it for the scrap metal value, and it's gone, so I still have my sticker for another day.
More than offset all the above with an extremely expensive seafood dinner out with DH last night. We were celebrating some good news from his MD. It's been 2 years since we had any good medical news on DH, so a celebration was in order and we have no regrets. I guess this is one of the reasons why we try to be frugal in other areas. :)

9-8-16, 8:57pm
rosarugosa, Glad for the good news on your DH. It makes being frugal fun when you know it will let you celebrate the important things in the way you want.

9-9-16, 4:38am
Thanks, nswef. That's my rationalization as well!

9-9-16, 5:59pm
Recently changed tvs and got a SmartTv (on sale for a great price). The frugal part is now we have Netflix (for 2 tvs) for $10/mo (still on the free month). I think $1.25/week per person is frugal since we cut out most of cable. I am totally enamored with Netflix. Roku could be added to a tv to make it a "SmartTv". We don't go to the movies and previously used the library for dvds. I can live with $10/month for tv.

I have free cable where I currently live (would miss that if I move) so I need to research this SmartTV business to understand it when or if I move. Yes! 10 a month is definitely a bargain.

I have a feeling cable is going to phase out in a few years just like other types of connection have.

9-10-16, 10:05am
I'm sewing sewing sewing quilt tops....no purchases unless specifically necessary to nicely finish what I'm working on. Some from my stash and other bits and pieces that have been gifted through the mail. I'm on a mission this year to make 52 kiddo quilts....most for a local charity that a couple started as part of their grieving process for sudden loss of their 4yo son. They find communities in need and deliver to them.

early morning
9-10-16, 11:16am
Good to hear about your DH, rosarugosa! I enjoy reading everyone's frugals, and I am really needing inspiration from you all. I feel like someone has cut our financial jugular and I can't seem to stop the bleeding! DS is job-hunting so we're pretty much supporting him... he could move back home, but there are mental health issues to consider and he does not want to live or work close here- not that there are many jobs anyway. If we can keep him afloat until he finds something, that would be best. In the meantime, he is growing up a lot-finally!- and being very careful with the money he has. Yet it's very stressful. We're planning a trip to Cape Cod the last of October, so we can spend some time with DH's last surviving aunt, who is in her 90s. I got a good hotel rate, at least it seems so to me - $535 for 3 adults for 7 nights. And we'll rent a car, and board the cat with medical needs. I have no intention of pointing out the cost to DH - this is an important person in his life and money issues pale in comparison. Still and all it's money I need to figure out a way to replace. So - small things: Found chia seeds at TJ Maxx much cheaper than either TJ's or Aldis, so I bought what they had. The hazelnut coffee I buy at ALDI was marked down to 99 cents (from 3.99!) the other day so I bought it all - 8 bags. We'll be through it well before its sell-by date. Bought a book at Barne's and Noble for one of the gift baskets we're making to raffle off as a charity fund raiser, and remembered that I could use my educator discount, plus I had two gift cards with small balances. That covered not only the book but most of a poster calendar DD wanted for a birthday or Christmas gift. Contesting a refusal by our health insurance co to pay for one of DH's surgical procedures (Ok, that one's not little, but it's not done yet, either!) Our back porch is rotting and needs replaced, but DH pulled the planking and we were able to sister in supports for some of the rotted joists and replace one of the uprights -now we should be good for another year or two. He had to buy a couple pieces of decking but all the rest was wood we had on hand. And today is our anniversary - 39 years! We agreed to exchange cards and go out for lunch, and find some sort of free entertainment for the afternoon. DSis gave us 10$ as a gift so we'll get a nice coffee drink or ice cream treat or something like that. We're pretty low key for most anniversaries...

9-10-16, 11:45am
Happy anniversary, Early Morning! Great score on the coffee, and wonderful job on McGyver-ing (sp?) the back porch. Good for you for going to bat with the insurance company--I hope it works out. And Gardner...you are so sweet! My mother makes quilts for various good causes--wounded warriors, kids in foster care, etc. It gives her a lot of quiet satisfaction.

9-14-16, 2:21pm
I had a few dollars of Kiva credit (kiva.org) in my account that needed just a bit more to make it a sum that could be donated ($25). I had been meaning to take care of it and put the money out there to help someone, but procrastinated. This morning, I got an email from Kiva saying an anonymous donor had decided to match any donations made today by 100%, up to a MILLION dollars. Wow! I added a few more bucks to my account and was able to donate to someone. It's great knowing that donation will be matched and the woman (in Tajikistan) will be that much closer to meeting her goal to expand her business.

9-15-16, 8:17pm
Early: I feel like I go through periods of spend-spend-spend, an thankfully other times when not spending is the norm.
Sandy: Good luck with your quest for a cheaper option to cable!
Selah & Gardnr: That is awesome that you are being frugal for a charitable cause!
We've been on vacation this week, so we are spending money that was budgeted for that purpose. However, we did manage a couple of frugals. We went to a nearby grocery store to pick up some snacks for our hotel room, and there were deals with a customer loyalty card, so I went to the service desk and signed up for one. The chain (Big Y) is coming to our town soon, so will undoubtedly use the card in the future too.
We like eating at nice places on vacation which can get really expensive. We alternated our pricey meals with some perfectly nice meals at non-fancy restaurants, which brought the average dining tab down considerably. That's all I've got for now!

early morning
9-24-16, 11:55am
rosa, I'm worried about the cost of eating during our upcoming Cape Cod trip. I'm hoping we will be able to cook for, and thus eat with, DH's aunt, whom we are going to visit. In the past we've stayed with her and cooked there, but she is 92 and has a daughter living with her now, so we booked ourselves into a hotel - we do NOT want her inconvenienced by moving stuff around so we can stay there! But if we have to eat most meals out, it will take a toll on our finances. There is a fridge and I believe a microwave in the hotel, so we should be able to at least manage breakfast in!

The list of expenses keeps growing. We signed up for trash/recycle hauling but we will probably drop it next spring and resume our self-hauling. It is LOT cheaper, but DH has been in a lot of pain, my mother no longer has a house for me to take my garbage/recycling to - so we caved. Our DSL box died- which I had bought through ATT as required - they no longer allow you to purchase a box, you have to LEASE it. for $7 a month. The old box was $110 - so about a year's worth of paying. Now we have to pay for-freaking-ever. So I'm looking for an alternative, but there aren't many where we are, if you don't have cable. GRR!

9-24-16, 6:55pm
Early: Good luck with managing your expenses during your trip. If you buy groceries, you will definitely get the best prices at Market Basket (pronounced Mahkit Baskit around these parts), and there is one on the Cape now as well as a Trader Joe's (I have an employee who lives in Hyannis, so I know these things from her). MB usually has good prices on lobster and will boil them for you to take home cooked, so that's a frugal lobster dinner option if you like lobster.
Is the DSL box for TV or internet? That is so annoying that you can't purchase and have to lease.
We got together with my sister last night at her place. She cooked and I brought a caprese salad, so this was much more frugal than going out. She sent us home with leftovers too, which served as dinner for tonight. It was an amazing vegetarian curry concoction from one of the Moosewood books.

9-30-16, 5:32pm
Last frugal of the month for me, and in retrospect, September wasn't a very frugal month for us!
I'm kind of transitional between sizes right now, and I bought a pair of jeans a couple of months ago that fit me well so I decided to buy another pair. I had paid $35. for the first pair. Today they were on sale for $25. and by opening a credit card at the store I somehow managed to knock the price down to $1.04, so it sort of feels like Sears gave me a free pair of jeans. Thanks Sears!
I also needed some socks (believe it or not) and used a Macy's gift card I had earned doing surveys from eRewards to get 3 pairs for free (not really free but no out of pocket cost).
I went to the grocery store and got bananas, aspirin & Concord grapes (I LOVE Concord grapes, and they aren't around for long) for $5.60 with some kind of deal on my customer loyalty card. I was expecting it to cost at least $7.00.
So for the princely sum of $6.64 out of pocket outlay, I got jeans, 3 pairs of socks, and those 3 grocery items.
Oh - last but not least, we celebrated our 32nd anniversary with a nice walk in the woods this morning and homemade pizza tonight, so no spendy anniversary dinner out (which is something we tend to do).

early morning
10-1-16, 12:17am
Happy anniversary , rosarugosa! Thanks for the grocery tips - we'll be staying in Hyannis, so that's nice to know about! Looking forward to a more frugal Oct (except for the vacation thing, lol....) I had done so well for so long, and then a few things hit, and I got tired, and loosened up a bit, and - well, it's not pretty, lol.