View Full Version : Uses for Shredded paper

10-9-16, 10:21am
I have just shredded all the accounts for my company, I have 30 sacks of shredded paper. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I could make use of it.

i won't burn it in the wood burner as it makes too much ash
a small amount I will use for packing stuff I sell
i don't have any animals that could use it for bedding

thank you

10-9-16, 10:31am
Compost it. Worm bins. Offer it to friends for packing material or compost or worm bins;)

Chicken lady
10-9-16, 10:54am
paper mache
Stuff one of those leaf bags for a Halloween display

i'd go with Gardnr though.

10-9-16, 11:10am
This is the time of year we start garden beds for next year. 30 bags of shredded paper would be one of the layers inthe new bed, along with straw,manure,leaves, and garden waste.