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Eggs and Shrubs
1-3-11, 9:15am
One of my favourite actors died yesterday, he was 64. Pete Postlethwaite didn't possess matinee idol good looks but he was a very fine actor and had a remarkable screen presence. Steven Spielberg called him the finest actor in the world. I don't know how well he is known in the US but he was someone approaching national treasure status in the UK.

Very sad.


iris lily
1-3-11, 9:20am
OMG! I just watched him, for a 3rd time, in a show (can't remember the name, never can!) where he is taking care of his elderly mother. He is wonderful in that!

I'm sorry to hear that he died.

1-3-11, 10:52am
I've always had a fondness for actors who command the screen by their restraint and stillness. Exhibit 1 would be Postlethwaite in The Usual Suspects.

"My name is Kobayashi. I work for Keyser Soze."

A chilling and brilliant performance.

1-3-11, 11:41am
I'm so sorry, Eggs and Shrubs! He was just extraordinary in "In the Name of the Father."

1-3-11, 12:02pm
+1 on that----always think of that role when I see his name.

1-3-11, 12:45pm
I loved him in Brassed Off, which is one of my favorite movies.

1-3-11, 12:49pm
I did not recognize the name, but I do the face. He was good. RIP.


1-3-11, 1:43pm
Great character actor!

iris lily
1-3-11, 6:39pm
"Lost for Words" is the tv production I love. It follows an elderly woman in the last year of her life. She has a series of strokes and still retains her confident actions and bizzare sense of humor. Peter Postlethwaite plays her son. He's on camera as much as she is. It's very moving.

I'm going to have to watch Usual Suspects again. It's been long enough that I can ALMOST forget the twist ending.

1-4-11, 7:30am
One of my favourite character actors.

1-5-11, 6:42am
He was an awesome character actor. You saw him everywhere, but didn't always know his name. Love him in The Usual Suspects.