View Full Version : November Purging

11-20-16, 12:11pm
I know it's quite late in the month to start this, but maybe a few of us will do some decluttering over the long holiday weekend.

I finally took a bunch of items to Goodwill yesterday. Total for month: 31.

11-21-16, 4:49pm
My husband went through DVDs and CDs to donate to the church bazaar - two plastic grocery bags out yesterday. He's also going through books.

iris lilies
11-28-16, 2:43pm
Today I pitched a food item from Switzerland that I had been moving around for a few weeks, it was always getting in the way. our Swiss relatives always send stuff to your s, and this came home with DH.

It is fondue cheese in sealed packets. DH hates cheese, I tasted it and it was gross, Into the garbage it goes.

I dont know why I moved it arou d 3+ times before it occured to me, toss this thing!