View Full Version : anyone trying new recipes this holiday season

Zoe Girl
11-21-16, 10:37am
I am making the traditional foods overall, however I am switching up the pie. I want to make our family recipe vinebred (danish pastry) but I can't eat most of the traditional fillings. I make apple and prune, one year a lovely apricot with sliced almonds. I started to search out some cream cheese fillings and found a pumpkin cream cheese filling and a blueberry cream cheese filling. I am very excited to try these! My kids still want prune of course and I make apple for the people who did not grow up on prune filling.

11-21-16, 10:45am
I'm trying to delegate a bit more and have family bring more dishes/desserts. So I'll need to wait and see what they bring :-)

11-21-16, 9:39pm
Not us. We're keeping it simple. It's a busy week for me so I ordered organic pumpkin and apple pies. Turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, sourdough bread and a big luscious green salad.