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12-31-16, 11:35pm
I am once again embracing the concept of "right-sizing" rather than decluttering, i.e. does everything in that category fit into the space allotted for it? If not, are there some things I should pass on? If not, where is a better place, so that it is all accessible?

Anyone want to join me in this effort?

1-1-17, 6:26pm
I will, I think it's a great idea!

2-4-17, 10:31pm
Well, I've spent the last 6 weeks "right-sizing" my closet.

Net result, dropped off at Goodwill this morning,
- 2 large bags: all the clothes I've started to put on for work and taken off again because they were uncomfortable,
- Carry-on sized bag that was more frame than space (and Heavy!)
- Pretty, mostly white, comforter that I'd gotten from Goodwill, - What was I thinking?! I have dogs! - donated it back.

2 pillows passed on to daughter (she's going to turn them into pet beds). Closet finished.

2-6-17, 10:20am
I am/will be right sizing this year, but not sure how much I need or want to talk about it. After enough stuff the last couple months, I decided I need to do it along side a bucket list, and base my right sizing on that.
Just had a discussion with a friend, who lost someone they knew as the babysitter shook the 8 month old to death. (the straw that broke the camels back)