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4-30-11, 4:35pm
What do you call the letters that are on shared keys on a netbook? kk22 or oo66
First are the white letters and second are blue
How do I get rid 6f the blue letters?


4-30-11, 4:46pm
On a normal keyboard you'd want to press the 'numlock' key. If there is none on your netbook, it can be done by some combination of the FN key and one of the F keys at the top. On many models, FN + F11 will do the trick.

5-1-11, 7:51pm
333lllll Yay, FN + F11 does the trick
Thanks, Alan!!!
I asked about 7 different people for help with no luck showing them the keyboard and didn't know what to call it to do a search. Whew, it is so frustrating trying to undo some acidental touch of the wrong keys.

5-1-11, 8:38pm
OK, Alan, may I take advantage of your kind offer to find the Windows 7 Wifi driver download to use the free library internet access?
The program that I am using on my little netbook which has worked well is the ZDWLan Utility. It is the neatest little stick (I have read some posts calling it something else) that I plug into my computer and I have the free Wifi access.

At present I have no choice but to pay Ma Bell per MB of use as I am out in the country and have no access to any other form of internet access. There is one company that provides satellite access at a huge cost with many problems.

If I can access the library on my laptop for large downloads it would be wonderful and much cheaper.

I did a search for a Windows 7 driver and found only a number of sites discussing their problems with the ZDWLan Utility on Windows 7.

Thanks for any advice.

5-1-11, 9:13pm
ZDWLan Utility is a piece of software bundled with various wi-fi appliances. I think the answer is in getting the appropriate driver for your specific wi-fi device. What is the manufacturer name & model?

Edited to add: As an afterthought, your netbook probably has a built in wireless adapter. If so, it could be used to access the library's wi-fi connection without having to use a usb device.
Does your netbook have an internal adapter?