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3-17-17, 8:07pm
Since Literacy Volunteers didn't get back to me I have now applied to CASA, court appointed special advocates for abused and neglected children. I have some legal background (small claims at my last job and pro se family court). Has anyone volunteered with this group or worked as a guardian ad litem?

3-17-17, 8:10pm
Absolutely none, but I do know there are jobs in this field, so it's probably a better bet than literacy for working into a new job.

3-17-17, 8:50pm
That's good to know Tybee, though this is more to be useful with my spare time. It might be too anguishing to see what the kids go through to do full time.

3-17-17, 9:02pm
You might find that you are good at it and it is very fulfilling work. Hard to say until you try, of course, the impact on your psyche. That is a definite risk in that kind of work.

3-18-17, 12:58am
A dear friend of mine has worked as part of this group as a guardian. She has absolutely nothing but great things to say about them. If you want, PM me, and I will put you in touch with her.

3-18-17, 7:52am
I saw a show on Oprah about CASA and it motivated me to take the first step and call up our local office and get information, but I never followed through. I agree that it looks like a wonderful organization, and time well spent. I'd think that your previous law experience would be invaluable.

3-18-17, 8:34am
I have foster grandkids. The CASA has become like family to us - attending birthday parties, etc. We love her.

7-2-18, 4:09pm
I just signed up to volunteer - training starts later this month. YppeJ- are you still with it? How's it going? I am heartsick over the refugee children around the world, but thought that I can at least help a few local children.

7-2-18, 5:15pm
I got a job befire the training started so I never did volunteer. Also they had nowhere to park for the training. I don't live in the city where it was held, and its mass transit system does not go to my city.

I was also interested in Literacy Volunteers but they never got back to me on my application.

Never did I think it would be so hard to volunteer.