View Full Version : A couple views of living on a remote-ish island:

9-16-17, 10:31pm
(From our local film competition, http://www.orcasfilmfest.com/vote/ )

This first film was made by the two musical kids featured in it, and expresses pretty well why my wife and I moved here ~20 years ago:


9-16-17, 10:32pm
And this covers the hidden corruption in island politics:


9-16-17, 11:29pm
I voted. Of course, for the musical kids with a love of bluegrass. One of my first influences was a "kid" at the time named, Mark O'Conner from Seattle. I learned about him through the Winfield, Kansas flatpicking competition. Later, he appeared in my area with Doc Watson, David Grisman, The Newgrass Revival, The Osborne Brothers, Jim and Jesse McReynolds, Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys, Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs.....I made the festival rounds in my day.

You got yourself a dandy community there. Can't think of any reason you'd want to leave. No sir, that's about as good as it gets.

iris lilies
9-16-17, 11:32pm
That was a nice little view of life on the island. I like bluegrass and bluegrass inspired music.

i wayched some of the Rigged video. It was poignant that April the cow was honored at an event that was duo funeral and chili cookoff. Haha. :(

9-17-17, 7:32am
Very nice. Are you still considering relocating?

9-17-17, 2:34pm
Very nice. Are you still considering relocating?

Yes, we are continuing our investigations, while waiting to see where our daughter decides to go to grad school.