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5-6-11, 2:54pm
Do you want to help people actually DO the steps to transform their relationship with money? Are you doing that already, and could use a fresh approach? Would you like to share your expertise in "spreading the word"? Would you like to coalesce a community of folks who share this in common?

New Road Map Foundation is considering hosting a "train the trainer" two-day workshop for FI folks who would like to teach the nine steps using the FI Instructor Guide (http://www.financialintegrity.org/index.php?title=Downloadable_Guides). I've been teaching all nine steps in a 10-week adult classroom format to great success, and would be sharing what I've learned about holding space for people to actually DO the steps in a group-supported setting. (I'm current President of NRM, and have been following the steps for over 5 years.) We invite you to share what YOU have been doing with others over a weekend in some lovely location in North America (to be determined.)

Registration for the training would be free with certain conditions, but you would be responsible for travel & lodging. This could become an annual gathering of FI speakers/hosts/trainers/enthusiasts...

Sound intriguing?
We're thinking about September 24-25, 2011. This first gathering would be limited to around 12 attendees for the full workshop, so we really all get a chance to know each other and practice together. A Saturday night soiree could be open to other FI associates, so to speak. Post here if you might be interested, letting us know your location and the type of class/audience you'd be hosting.

5-7-11, 7:42am
Hi Rozie, I am definitely interested in joining in on a train the trainer type event! I am in Massachusetts and in the future I would likely be leading classes for young adults (including college students) or adults.

5-15-11, 9:47am
I would also be very interested in becoming a trained trainer. I already conduct a lot of trainings in my work (not related to FI, but teaching adults is different than teaching children) and I already know folks who would be interested in the trainings. I'm in Vermont.

6-13-11, 2:02pm
Excellent. We've also got folks from Ottowa that have contacted me directly, and some prospects from Indiana... I'm thinking New England might be a fairy central location. Would anyone from that area be interested in helping with logistics?

6-14-11, 8:09am
I can probably lend a hand on some of the logistics stuff. Let me know what you need!

6-26-11, 11:30am
I'd be happy to help as well if I can.

6-27-11, 12:35pm
Okay, let's get on this! I'm thinking 10-12 people, on September 17-18 - how does that sound? It looks like the bulk of interest is from the Northeast of the North Am. continent, so Vermont or Massachusetts would be good locations. (I can make the travel cross country worth double by doing a New England visit to family/friends, and stay with them too.) I think we should shoot for a town/city with either economical accommodations, or FI types who would be willing to host travelers. Something within a decent drive to an airport. CDTTMM are you eastern or western MA?

6-27-11, 3:35pm
Okay, I am putting it on my calendar!

What do you consider a reasonable drive from the airport? I'm in Western MA and I'm about 1 hour from the airport in Hartford, CT and just under 2 hours from the airports in Boston, MA; Providence, RI; and Albany, NY. I'm about 3 hours from the airport in Burlington, VT. I think that covers all the "major" airports in New England (except for Maine). :~)

6-27-11, 4:50pm
Approx. 1 hour from an airport seems reasonable to me. I'm thinking somewhere between Burlington & Stowe... accessible via trains, planes & buses, driveable from both Western MA and Ottowa.. Frugalannie, where are you in that long state, and any suggestions for a venue? Ideally a comfortable meeting-oriented space where we can have catering come in for lunches and snacks... reasonably priced accommodations nearby...

7-13-11, 9:21am
rozie - got your PM but cannot reply to you. The system says your profile is set such that you cannot receive PMs.

7-19-11, 3:42pm
Cdttmm, I changed my settings last week - can you still not reach me?

We're looking at a space at the Berkshire Community College in Pittsfield, MA. Know anything about the area?

7-21-11, 4:21pm
Hi Rozie,

I don't know if I had tried to reach you again after you changed your settings, so I will drop you a note shortly! And, yes, I do know about BCC and the Pittsfield area. Great choice!

7-30-11, 10:39pm
Okay, we are set for September 17-18 at the Berkshire Community College in Pittsfield Massachusetts, USA. :cool: Please check out the flyer (http://www.financialintegrity.org/images/1/14/FI_TTT_Flyer.pdf) and share with others!

8-4-11, 9:18am
Hooray! I will put this on my calendar! I'm sorry I haven't been checking in much, Rozie. I'm in southern VT, about 2 hours from Boston, Albany, Burlington, and Hartford CT. Two hours from everywhere, I guess!
Hope to meet many other FIers on the 17th :).

8-21-11, 10:04am
Is this still happening? Have you gotten a decent response?

8-21-11, 1:20pm
It is time to officially register for the Free Financial Integrity Teacher Training Workshop 'Train-the-Trainer', Sept 17 & 18 in Pittsfield, MA. Space is limited, so please get your registration form in now by emailing Kathryn at register@financialintegrity.org (register@financialintegrity.org)Registration is required.

Thanks for your interest!

8-21-11, 1:25pm

Tried to send you an email with registration info, guess it didn't get through on the forum. Please email me at the forum post below (I'm Cedar Moon Farm and Rozie's assistant) and I will send you the registration form and answer any other logistical questions you may have.

8-21-11, 1:28pm

Please contact me regarding registration for the Train-the-Trainer workshop event!