View Full Version : Happy Patriots Day

4-16-18, 3:57pm
This day commemorates the battles of Lexington and Concord in the American Revolution. It is also the day the Boston Marathon is run. For the first time in years an American woman won. She trained in Kenya. To me this symbolizes the greatness of our country - that we can incorporate best practices from around the world.

4-16-18, 4:32pm
Happy Patriots Day! Sure is a wet one!

4-18-18, 8:19pm
I hadn't heard about the marathon - great!
I lived in the Boston area for many years (went to high school in Concord) and loved the Patriot's Day parade. We'd get up at dawn and march with our friends in the fife and drum corps.
I remember one year - 1975? - it was so warm we went skinny dipping afterwards. And other years, so wet and cold.
It's a cool tradition, in any case.