View Full Version : Do you use a dust ruffle?

Sad Eyed Lady
5-15-11, 12:44pm
Or bed ruffle some call it I think. This morning while changing the bed and doing laundry I took the dust ruffle off to wash, (covered in cat hair where they go under the bed:|(), and after changing the bed I decided not to put it back on. This got me to thinking: how many of you use this thing? Just curious to hear your thoughts on it.

5-15-11, 1:07pm
never. It just holds dust and aggravates my allergies.

5-15-11, 1:23pm
I do like them because ;not sure why, just do. It is always such a bother to get them off and back on, and now with a sore back and DH ill I was going to stop.
Brainwave; cut out the fabric in the most of the middle and just tuck edges in under the mattress and it works great! No lifting the mattress and easy to take off and wash more often....

5-15-11, 2:07pm
yes. our beds are just on metal frames and they're really ugly without dust ruffles.

5-15-11, 2:54pm
Nah. It's too cumbersome to take off and put on. Lifting that mattress would be the death of me!

5-15-11, 3:04pm
I do something my mom always did. I cover the foundation mattress with a plain white fitted sheet. And leave it on unless something weird happens to get it dirty. I like the look of simple white over the jarring color and pattern of the typical mattress fabric. Our blankets and comforters usually cover past the metal frame. I never had a dust ruffle, not even growing up.

5-15-11, 3:14pm
I just use a fitted sheet. I like something on the bottom mattress just to keep the dust, etc. from getting on the mattress.

5-15-11, 3:20pm
I never thought of the fitted sheet idea. Thanks. Wouldn't it be nice if they just made mattresses in a simple cream colour of maybe a sage green or something simple.

Kathy WI
5-15-11, 3:52pm
Our box spring is covered with a fitted sheet AND a dust ruffle. How's that for overkill.

5-15-11, 4:31pm
I use a duvet that doesn't cover the bedframe, so yes, I use a dust ruffle. Only its tailored so there is no ruffle. I think the upscale name is "bedskirt". I used to use a flat sheet placed between the top and bottom mattresses as a makeshift dust ruffle, but I got a nice tailored one at Target on sale for $15, so I upgraded.

5-15-11, 5:15pm
Wouldn't it be nice if they just made mattresses in a simple cream colour of maybe a sage green or something simple.

That would be nice. Ours is bright turquoise with embroidered swishes of pink and green. It is awful.

5-15-11, 5:40pm
Aside from oldest daughters bedroom, no bed skirts (dust ruffles) to mention. I love the look of bed skirts in certain applications and how they provide a clean finished look to a bed/bedroom decor, but I'm such a meticulous housekeeper (beds vacuumed under with each change) I don't bother with additional frills and thrills.

Oldest son has a king size duvet on his bed because at the time I was buying one for him they didn't have a queen, so when his bed is made, the duvet extends well over the end and sides of his bed-mattress to provide a nice clean finished/complete look.

If I had a large luxury styled bedroom with elegant furniture, I could see myself outfitting the bed with a bed skirt.

5-15-11, 6:02pm
I did an experiment with and without dust ruffles, to see if there would be a difference in the quantity/volume of dust bunnies. I found more dust bunnies under the bed for the weeks I did not have the dust ruffle on, as compared to the weeks with. I am not meticulous but I do vacuum each week under the bed when I change the sheets. Not sure why this is, but that's my data point.

5-15-11, 6:10pm
Yup - I hide all sorts of random and weird stuff under the bed. I found a gorgeous, custom made botanical print, lined & box pleated at the corners bedskirt at the Goodwill a few years ago, for about $6. It looks great. And then I don't have to look at all that other stuff!

Float On
5-15-11, 6:41pm
Yes, I have a bedskirt on my bed - I always thought the dust bunnies needed a dark hidey-hole to do their mating thing. The boys beds (antiques) do not have bed skirts and there is nothing going on under their beds.

5-15-11, 6:44pm
I think I like danna's idea best! We might try that here! We have storage under our bed so we like to camouflage with the ruffle.

pony mom
5-15-11, 8:51pm
My mom's a great sewer and I've always had dust ruffles on my bed, which would coordinate with curtains and bedspreads. And there's always a few things stored underneath that have to be hidden. My late cat used to hide under there and attack your ankles when you walked past.

Miss Cellane
5-15-11, 10:25pm
Oh, good heavens, no. I am dust ruffle challenged. When I'm tucking in the top sheet and blanket, I can't keep the dust ruffle from getting tucked in, too. Then I have to pull the dust ruffle out, and the sheet and blanket come along. Making a bed with a dust ruffle is a frustrating experience--my aunt had them on all her beds and I used to visit her for a few weeks every summer. She couldn't understand why it would take me half an hour to make my bed in the morning.

My comforter is a size larger than my bed, on purpose to hide the bed rails on my old metal bed. Now I have an antique bed with wood side rails, so when the comforter needs to be replaced, I can get one the correct size. Or I'll get a bedspread, you know, something designed to fall nearly to the floor and hide the rails and whatever's under the bed, without needing to be placed between the mattress and box spring. Something you can whip off the bed easily and launder if needed. One piece that covers the bed, the rails and the pillows, taking the place of the comforter, the ruffle and the shams ( not that I have pillow shams either).

My summer bed covering is an old linen tablecloth that was my great-grandmother's. It has lovely cut work and embroidery and comes down to the top of the wood side rails and l love it.

early morning
5-15-11, 10:59pm
No ruffle here. Thankfully our mattress and springs are off white. I put a fitted sheet on the kids' box springs back in the day, and DD still does that. We do tend to stash things under beds, but I don't mind the dust buffaloes too much, as long as they stay under the bed, where they belong!

5-15-11, 11:19pm
Yes I have a bedskirt. It is duct taped to the top of the boxspring to hold it in place. Only in redneck Alberta would you use duct tape to hold your bedskirt in place!

5-15-11, 11:55pm
Of course, dw loves linens of all kinds - and many many pillows. It looks nice, but quite a chore just to get into bed...!

5-16-11, 12:44am
What is this dust ruffle you speak of?



5-16-11, 4:50am
Nope, I have enough dust without adding something to hold onto more. :) I do put a fitted sheet over the box springs.

iris lily
5-16-11, 8:46am
No, I think they are just one more fussy thing to have to keep clean.

Now at one time, when I was into decorating, I made a really cool dust ruffle for the bed out of scrim. That's the thin muslin stuff. It was floaty and ethereal. But not practical.

5-16-11, 9:20am
Yes, I do, because it makes the bed look more finished, but if I had a platform bed, or a nice bed frame that masks the ugly metal frame, I'd happily forego the dust ruffle. They make it harder to make the bed (when you tuck in the sheets, the dust ruffle tends to shift out of place).

Sad Eyed Lady
5-16-11, 10:00am
Yes I have a bedskirt. It is duct taped to the top of the boxspring to hold it in place. Only in redneck Alberta would you use duct tape to hold your bedskirt in place!

5-16-11, 10:50am
Our bed frame is antique and with mattress and box spring sits very high off the ground. I literally have to hoist myself up to get into bed. I do have a dust ruffle but there is still a foot of wood floor showing beneath that collects dust. I have always put a fitted sheet over the underside of the box spring...something my mother always did.

5-16-11, 11:35am
Love everyone's comments! Lots of fun! Love the pic Madsen! You are sooo me with those slippers tucked under. Have to add, the less bed clothes- the better.

5-16-11, 5:09pm
No. I have a bedspread that goes to the floor, so I don't have any need for a dust ruffle I like to keep bed-making as simple as possible, and a quilted bedspread works really well for me. I sometimes need to add a layer in the winter, but generally I just have a bedspread, sheets, and pillows (the spread folds over the pillows, so no need for special matching shams.)

5-18-11, 8:52am
I use one - got it at a church rummage sale, naturally. Our guest room doesn't have one. This thread reminds me to start looking for one! :)

To me, the bed looks sort of ugly and unfinished with out it. Just MHO.