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5-15-11, 8:30pm
Is anyone out there playing the monopoly game through the chain albertsons. The game will be over in a couple weeks. Not sure of date. #1 prize anyone have game pieces T02 and T03.#3 game pieces T07 and T10 last but not least #5 game piece T33. I have the others and if one of you have the ones I do not that are listed above we could combine them and split the prize if we win one of them maybe more 50%-50% all taxes titles and excetera. I never play these games,but, one day got bored and started putting game pieces on the playing board. Might be worth the chance never know.

5-16-11, 11:43am
Ah, shucks! And here I thought we were going to talk about the game, Monopoly. :)

5-17-11, 6:26pm
I thought that she was going to talk about the board game as well. I love that game.

5-18-11, 12:40am
Me too Terrica! Maybe, just maybe, you and I could start a thread on the game Monopoly some time. :)