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5-15-11, 11:24pm
Building on the what do you make out of something else thread I wonder what sites you visit that show:

how people make stuff out of other stuff;
trash to treasure;
upcycling of goods

and other fun ideas.

5-16-11, 12:32am

5-16-11, 2:03am
ikeahackers is a very cool site.

5-18-11, 2:09pm

This magazine caught my eye recently.

"ReadyMade (or Ready Made) is a bimonthly magazine which focuses on do it yourself (DIY) projects involving interior design, making furniture, home improvement, sewing, metalworking, woodworking and other disciplines. It also has increasingly focused on sustainable design, independent music and DIY culture. The magazine is marketed to people who enjoy creating unique items to have at home and wear, and features projects which can often be completed with everyday materials, such as household items." -- wikipedia

5-18-11, 6:17pm
Gardenweb has a trash to treasures forum: http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/treasure/

5-19-11, 4:55pm
I love ikeahackers...some amazingly creative ideas.


iris lilies
11-30-15, 1:02pm
I am ressurecting an old thread to talk about repurposing.

I've been such an idiot about something. Here I've been revising functional use of our furniture to host small partiesl I keep an old and ugly gate leg table around to use as a bar, and I shopped for a small buffet.I want to move serving food and drink out of the kitchen,

And yesterday it occurred to me that our big Victorian secretary is perfectly functional to act as a small bar. When
I open the desk part, it acts as a a surface for serving! It's 43 inches wide and 22 inches deep., it fine as a bar. So now, this giant piece of furniture dies more than sit there and look pretty,a hold books and plant catalogs.

I am also moving our tv to sit on an old chest of drawers I love. There's no reason that a modern device like the TV has to sit on ugly modern thing.

Repurposeing. It's a good thing!

11-30-15, 1:11pm
Both ideas sound great, Iris Lilies. My parents had a dresser in their dining room with place mats, wrapping supplies, various and sundry. I did, too, until I no longer had a big enough dining room. Some day, I will have that again. It was great for things like candles and napkin rings.

Float On
11-30-15, 1:25pm
I keep a baby chifferobe in the kitchen by the back door. The drawers are great for junk drawer, battery drawer, stationary/phonebook. The door (used to be for hanging clothes) hides shoes or pet food bags.
I've always used a dresser for TV.

Pinterest is a great place to type in "remake" and "repurpose" and whatever you want to get ideas.

11-30-15, 1:28pm
I have a little old cupboard--a linen press, probably, that I bought and repainted and put in my mudroom as our spare pantry; we keep canned goods, extra coffee, flour, etc. out there. I used to have it on my porch with sprinklers in it.

11-30-15, 1:40pm
I have been reading Pinterest (it is addictive!) and inspiring me to think of ways to re-purpose stuff.

Been using a Mircowave stand for a TV stand.....it has now become shelving under stairs and I am now using
a large low old (mid century...lol...I love the term) dresser for the TV in the guest bedroom.

Used some s beautiful martini glass and glass plate to make a cake stand...turn out great both bought at
a bazaar for a total of $1.00

A Small wooden workbench meant for a child stained and used as a Garden bench in the garden

The frame from a old wooden bed used to make a beautiful flower bed in garden....neat the one side
ended up higher so in the winter with snow on it, it looks like a bed with pillows and a white comforter.

Have done so many over the years, but that is all I can think of for now.

Pinterest has lots of idea for turning old sweaters into mitts and hats...and re-purposing all kinds of clothes etc.
Great ideas for all kinds of things to do with almost anything.

Teacher Terry
11-30-15, 5:44pm
I have a beautiful oak dresser that I use in the dining room. I love using things not necessarily for their intended purpose. I have used old chests as coffee tables & old wash stands as end tables.