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5-23-11, 3:50pm
My daughter loved roller skating in gym this year. Her school had contracted with a local rink and they rented regular 4-wheel roller skates. So I thought I'd get a pair of used skates for summer fun. However, Play It Again only had inline skates. I have never used those and I'm looking for your thoughts on the pros/cons of the different kinds of skates, and which would be best for an 8-year old. Thanks!

5-23-11, 4:53pm
My daughter has both, and much prefers the old-fashioned 4-wheel roller skates. She made me take off the "brake" (that knob on the front) because it tripped her up.
I skated a lot as a kid and have used inline skates as an adult. I actually find the in-line skates easier to use on rough surfaces (though that may be just my individual skates - and that I have done a lot of ice skating.)
We sometimes skate in Golden Gate Park, and it seems like all the really great skaters there - the ones who are dancing on skate - use the 4 wheel roller skates.