View Full Version : Those new spongy rugs to use for standing in kitchen?

5-25-11, 12:39pm
I spend alot of time in the kitchen in front of the sink and stove. I was wondering if one of these rugs might actually be good for me. I have lots of knee and feet issues and now I'm developing sciatica. They are supposed to really be good. Unfortunately, they aren't cheap.
Does anyone have one of these and are they any good?

5-25-11, 1:41pm
I don't know exactly what rugs you're talking about, since I haven't been shopping in a while. :~) But I have what I call puzzle mats that I use when I exercise. They're fairly firm, but they provide cushion and absorb impact, which is a life saver when I'm jumping around doing step aerobics or something.

I also use them quite a bit like you're suggesting, for long periods of standing. I'll put a couple down in the kitchen if I'm going to be there all day, or when I watercolor, since I prefer to stand for that. And yes, they most definitely do help.

Oh, you also see them in play rooms, etc.

You can get them at stores like Home Depot, and I believe Wal-Mart carries them sometimes. I got mine at Lowe's, and they came in either a six-pack or eight pack, something like that. Each square is 2x2 feet, and you can keep connecting them to whatever size you want. I can't remember the price, but it was reasonable, and they last FOREVER, so well worth it.

5-25-11, 7:43pm
Let me also recommend the shoes that have done WONDERS for me feet, legs and back: the knock-offs of the Sketchers that are advertised as working your muscles as you walk. I got mine at Payless for $50; I;ve heard WalMart has them for @$25. All the pains in my feet and most of the pain in my knees cleared up immediately.

5-26-11, 10:42am
I know someone who got the kind of mats used by hair stylists and barbers for her kitchen. They helped a lot, as did hardwood floors with some kind of impact-absorbing underlayer.

5-26-11, 10:55am
Thanks everyone. Since I do so much standing in one place in the kitchen all the time, I thought this might be a good investment, since I have so many joint problems.
Thanks for your input!

5-26-11, 3:39pm
Thanks everyone. Since I do so much standing in one place in the kitchen all the time, I thought this might be a good investment, since I have so many joint problems.
Thanks for your input!

I too have wondered about these, as they are expensive. With knee problems, I've thought about getting one. I appreciate you initiating the convo, and all the feedback. I am tending towards getting one...

5-26-11, 4:58pm
I have them and they work really well.

5-26-11, 7:21pm
I was walking through Home Depot one day, and they had gel pads that are great. They're Martha Stewart brand, unfortunately - but they were only $20 each. I now have 3 of them around the house - 2 in the kitchen and 1 in the bathroom by the sink. The design that I have is patterned like a weave but solid so it's easy to clean. they're very comfortable to stand on.

5-26-11, 7:59pm
The ones I saw were either black or brown. :( Hopefully I can find one that is a little brighter for the kitchen.

5-26-11, 10:51pm
Some decent colors available here (http://www.gelpro.com/product/search). Also take a look at these (http://www.chefscatalog.com/product/25655-gelpro-flora-chefs-mat.aspx).

5-27-11, 7:56am
Thanks SoSimple. Dang they are expensive! I wonder, since they are raised, if they're easy to trip over?

6-16-11, 8:23am
I just saw them at Sam's for about $29, much cheaper then I paid. I've never tripped over mine and they save my feet and legs on our hard tiles.

8-28-11, 10:41pm
What a timely thread this is. I have an old carpet mat I've used for years, and although it serves the purpose, it would be nice to upgrade. Going to keep my eyes peeled for the gel mats next time I'm out. Comfort is everything I find (the older I get).