View Full Version : Towel-wrapping hair after bath (women).

5-26-11, 7:57pm
Zoebird inspired me to start this topic after I read an entry of hers posted in another forum related to exactly this.

So, do you do it? Do you wrap your long hair all up in a fluffy white towel (any colour towel for that matter) after a nice relaxing hot bath? I used to when I had longer hair. Loved sitting at the kitchen table afterwards (morning my favourite), hair all neatly wrapped up in a nice thick towel, one leg crossed over the other, sipping my coffee and gently dashing and rolling the end of my cigarette in the ashtray (between drags) to form a nice sharp pointy end on it!

It had such a way of making feel like a queen somehow! :laff: Over-sized towel-crown sitting so elegantly atop my head, twisted and tucked around so carefully, one leg crossed over the other...

5-26-11, 8:25pm
Sometimes I do. Now what is funny is taht I once saw a guy do this and thought, no no that is all wrong. No reason why it should be, but it is just one of those girl things. I applaud any guy who does this because it makes sense, but I still see it as a girl thing. Silly I know.

Mighty Frugal
5-26-11, 9:04pm
I do this after my shower. I then primp and pamper and then finally remove it to comb my wet hair. I don't walk around the house with my head wrapped up though-don't like the way it looks on me

Float On
5-26-11, 10:13pm
I wrap my hair as well, really helps it dry faster plus I always figured the heat build up was healthy for my scalp. Tried one of thse twisty towel things that were 'as seen on TV' for a while but it just wasn't towel enough for me.

5-27-11, 12:15am
I do - and so did my DH when he had long hair! Mine is waist length, so wrapping it means it dries faster. I also have a towel on the back of my car seat, and my hair dryer is the high heat & blower setting in my car. It does a good job getting my hair presentably dry on the way to work. I brush it and clip it back once I am parked & before I go up to my office. I'm a very low maintenance woman... because I'm the one doing the maintaining, and I'd rather be in the garden.

5-27-11, 4:36am
I wrap my hair with a towel everyday after my shower. I have longish hair and I leave it wrapped for about 15-20 minutes to get all of the excess moisture out of it. Then it dries quickly after that. Showering and towel wrapping hair, along with sipping a cup of hot tea, is my leisurely time of the day. :D

5-27-11, 9:21am
No head wrapping for me. After I get out of the shower I towel off my hair (and it is long) then comb it out and usually wait about 30 minutes or so before blow drying. I don't like the weight of wearing a towel around and if I leave my hair up in a towel it won't start drying out and takes even longer to blow dry.

Sad Eyed Lady
5-27-11, 9:37am
Most of the time I do wrap my hair to help get the excess moisture out and dry faster when I blow dry it. Just never took it to the extreme you did Mrs. M! Very funny picture! Especially the cigarette part. LOL!!!!!

5-27-11, 12:34pm
I have to or else it'll drip everywhere and never dry! I do the upside down twisty wrap thing if I'm just planning on tying my hair back. If I'm wearing it down, I kind of throw the towel over my head and wrap my hair in two sections over my shoulders, like long pigtails. It's a very becoming look.

5-27-11, 4:59pm
Boy put me in the way back machine with this topic. I used to wrap my hair in a towel in high school. In college there was a dorm with community showers (couldn’t be torn down then as it was an historical building but has since been torn down) and girls in robes and towel turbans in the hallway were a common sight. Now I have short, curly hair and it is nearly dry after I wipe down the shower and put things away.

5-27-11, 5:17pm
Paying homage to this thread topic (and all of you) by waving a stark white towel in the air! :)

It's a rare day where you'll witness me speaking/voicing any sort of biased view on gender rights, expressions, or issues, but wrapping ones hair all up in a towel is just sooo wrong for a guy to do! It's one of the few feminine things that truly speaks feminine! :) It really is a girl thing.

So great hearing from you all!