View Full Version : last day of school! ups and downs

Zoe Girl
5-28-11, 10:10am
Whew, I have been so busy working that I haven't had time to write, probably good since there have been a dozen dramas to work themselves out.

So none of my schools are really good. I am pretty depressed. I am not sure how much responsibility to take for this. We had a lead teacher meeting and asked them for feedback, 2 pages of questions were like what would you look for walking into the program as a parent, student, grant funder, etc. Most of them were about a sentence or 2 each answer. So right there we do not have staff that is deeply thinking about what we do. Meanwhile even the things I thought we were good at, my new supervisor has been going to site unannounced and she is not seeing it. I am pretty pissed. I guess everyone was so intimidated by the old supervisor they just shaped up when they saw her coming because they are not doing it now or for me. At least my new sup has talked about building our programs from teh ground up and I have to agree, I have some big plans but we will be starting with much lower level improvements this first year at least. And if they are not doing it when I am not there as well then I don';t consider it well done.

Then there is the most immature staff member who I am probably going to mail 2 write ups to over summer break. There was a required meeting this week that had excellent food and we did awards and had crafts, it was really fun. Well she came and brought her 4 children and then left without telling me and expects to be paid for the 2 hours. Nope, maybe 30 minutes. She is talking to all the parents about how her lead is the reason she does not have summer hours and has to move to another site, and her daughter is telling other kids that they need to help get the lead fired. So VERY glad we had the last day of school. I am still willing to keep her employed and just move her, but it will be with tight supervision.

Meanwhile we are going into summer camp and the training is next week and I am in charge of a site. Pretty darn cool! We have a new supervisor on that side of our program as well (we have grant based and parent paid, and new staff on both sides). Well we were talking about training style and i really like her style. The other people are trying to adapt from the old culture which is going to be a challenge, but I am finally in the right place at the right time for my style and personality!! Woo hoo, we are going to do more open-ended question asking rather that a top down directive style training. I am seeing how I can use the style of this training to come up with a group set of expectations for my site much like we do when kids help develop program rules.

Okay, trying to shake off the school year.