View Full Version : Xpress Ready Set Go cooker - anyone have?

5-30-11, 6:56am
Just watching the info-mercial on this and was wondering if anyone actually has and uses one of these. It would certainly save on heating up the whole oven for things.


Thanks in advance!

5-30-11, 10:22am
No, but I read the reviews on Amazon. I was thinking that it would make it easier to cook on the days when it is physically difficult to do so and that it would help me avoid tossing so much spoiled and wasted food.

The reviews are all over the place, which, I suppose, is to be expected. If I were to buy one, I would go to Kohls because they have a good return policy, should something be amiss with the machine. I would also wait for it to be on sale. Or, I would just buy one of the George Foreman (likely spelled wrong>8)) machines.

Even more likely is that I will not buy anything because I dither around about this kind of purchase. I have gone in and not bought a Nook eight times. The people who work there are very nice to me each time, though. :~)


5-30-11, 1:39pm
I consider these every time I go to Kohls and have a coupon.......but I talk myself out of it. One of the reasons is that its nonstick, and I don't like cooking with that. Another is.......how often are things really as they seem on TV? She sure makes it look good on the infomercial though, doesn't she?

5-30-11, 4:40pm
I've heard that a lot of demonstrative products (like at the fair) or products on TV are a scam. The one that the demonstrator is using is high quality and actually works. The one they sell, you, tho, is poor quality and doesn't work as well. So I'm leery of any of those types of products. If you order thru their company, they also can scam you by charging you extremely high shipping and handling fees, offer free items just to increase the shipping and handling charge, and sign you up for hard-to-cancel recurring fees once they have your credit card number.

I may be wrong, this is hear-say. But I do see a lot of flimsy, cheaply made Ultimate Pancake and other cooking gadgets I've seen on infomercials cluttering up the aisles of the thrift stores I frequent.

5-31-11, 6:41am
Thanks for the input. I keep hoping to run across one of these at my thrift stores, but none so far! Still contemplating - lol.

7-11-11, 12:28pm
LOVE IT! I started with the basic grey one and bought the red one because of the changeable pans. I figure if I scratch the nonstick coating. I'll just order new pans. In my house, it's called the omelet maker, because 90% of the time it's used to make an omelet/ crust- less quiche/fritatta sort of thing.We mainly use in the summer because we don't have AC, and the stove heats the apartment too much.

One trick -I use nonstick cooking spray on the pans.