View Full Version : The Jello commercial scares me!

6-2-11, 3:30pm
Have you seen the new Jello commercial, where someone steals someone else's jello/pudding and they can tell by the smile that the person has on their face?
Seriously, I think its a terribly scary commercial!
Does it scare anyone else??

6-2-11, 4:04pm
looks like the joker

Float On
6-2-11, 5:46pm
Creeps me out a lot!

6-2-11, 10:55pm
just saw it a couple of minutes ago and it is very stange.

6-2-11, 11:53pm
It's a really weird commercial!! >8)

6-3-11, 6:43am
I don't know what it is about it, but it really affects me, in a very bad way. Now the last thing I want to buy is Jello products!
Its funny (curious) how some commercials can be so good, and others sooooo bad. Seems like someone in their company would have found this commercial bad.

6-5-11, 8:53pm
I also hate the Sonic commercials

6-27-11, 10:36pm
Thank God, I thought I was the only one! I totally feel the same way. The adult one is bad enough, but have you seen the one of the kid? That is even worse! SO CREEPY! It's like a horror movie; as if something really really bad is going to happen to the rest of the people who DON"T look like that. Not good.

6-28-11, 1:02am
Bad commericial - whoever eats the jello just looks creepy - so the take-home message? Stay away from Jello or be a creep.

6-28-11, 7:48pm
Eeewwee Jello..enough said!

7-1-11, 11:29am
Finally saw this one yesterday. Agreed, completely turns me off to even considering buying Jello. Granted, I don't think I've bought it in 10 years, but I was eyeing up those pudding cups a few days ago.

7-4-11, 11:36am
I haven't seen the adult one, but the kid one is bizarre. It looks like he's been replaced by Howdy Doody's evil twin or something.

I'm astonished at the number of commercials that are downright insulting to would-be consumers. Two that stand out in my mind are the women's Degree commercials about "extra protection in emotional moments," and the Sprint 4G commercials that imply their consumers are losers with nothing better to do than upload cat videos. Why would I want to give money to a company that stereotypes and insults me!? Why are these companies giving money to ad directors who come up with this dreck? I don't get it.

iris lily
7-4-11, 2:35pm
DH often mentions a mean, evil looking model on one of the hair care commercials. He does not like her. Good thing he's not their target audience because he wouldn't be buying her product.

7-4-11, 2:45pm
I remember reading somewhere that even commercials that people HATE really move product. Sometimes far better than commercials that people find attractive, because the product name sticks in their minds better. It seems counterintuitive, to me, but it sounds like it's things they test, and they work.

there may be some consumers who will take a philosophic stand because of not liking the commercials, and not buy the product, deliberately, but there are probably a whole lot more folks, who will just walk into the dessert aisle, and the word "Jell-O" will pop into their mind and their arm will reach out and pick up the package.

Name recognition is almost everything......the more the name occurs in your mind, the more familiar it is to you, the more likely you are to choose it, according to marketing studies. It works the same way in politics.....at least in the beginnings of campaign seasons, the people with the most well known names pretty much always lead the pack, because people will choose the name that is familiar to them when polled, even if they know little about the candidates.

I can't comment on this particular commercial, because I haven't seen it. We don't watch much TV, and almost none on network type channels. I notice that when my brother-in-law and I talk about TV commercials, we seldom even recognize or have ever seen the favorites of the other, because we watch completely different programming. Different type stations have different type ads. For some reason, we seem to mostly see financial management firms, vehicle ads, etc., but not very many for cleaning products, fast food or grocery products.......

7-4-11, 4:11pm
I just never understood commercials. I can't think of one single item on a commercial that I ever bought, because of the commercial.
Have you ever noticed that on almost all commercials, the women are smart and sensible and the men are really dorky and dumb?

Mighty Frugal
7-23-11, 6:35pm
The women are trim and the men are fat and balding-every single commercial that I see has this. And I always say 'what is that gorgeous fox doing with that balding pig?' but nobody answers me because I tend to watch TV on my own