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Zoe Girl
6-3-11, 9:37pm
I got it! I finally ordered a countertop hand washer for clothing. I have wanted one for a very long time. Anyway I took this chance while I had a broken washer and a few extra dollars. Okay, I will let you know when i get it.

6-4-11, 12:18pm
Far out! I've seen a couple of videos on them and how super nifty they are. Would make for such a great camping washer! Beach towels, socks, undies...

Now I'm all excited for you AND over reading about you using it and how it works!!! All things household and domestic make my heart go pitter-patter! You HAVE to post a follow-up (update) after you get it and use it. You have to! :)

6-9-11, 8:46pm
Is it one of those round ones that are supposed to be the pressure washers that you crank to spin? If so, I had one and eventually got rid of it. Hope you like yours, though!!

6-9-11, 10:02pm
I was wondering Happystuff, is it the buildup of pressure inside the unit that aids in the cleaning of the items inside? Sort of like an extraction process?

6-9-11, 10:40pm
Can you post a picture or link?

6-10-11, 7:04am
For the one I had, you added very hot water to the tub along with like a tablespoon of detergent, added clothes and then put on the sealed cap/lid. You then spun the whole thing. Apparently, the pressure built up from the hot water and the spinning motion would force the water and detergent through the clothes and removing the dirt. You then attached a nozzel to the bottom of the unit to drain out the water. Add more hot water though the lid and spin to rinse. Drain and remove to dry. They also offered "dry-cleaning" soaps, but I never used those and can't remember the details on how to use that. I think it may have been just using the unit dry - no added water. Can't remember exactly, though.

6-10-11, 8:58am
Sounds cool! This is something I have always wanted to try. Let us know how it goes! :-)

6-11-11, 12:13am
Thanks for explaining Happystuff. :) I'd love to try one.

Zoe Girl
6-11-11, 8:45am
Okay i got it yesterday and already did one tiny load of clothes. It is nice to be able to do them without running to the laundromat. I was really happy with it except the dirty kitchen towels which I think need to be by themselves and rinsed out more than once. The shirts and pants I did were very clean and I fit more than what I expected in it. The cute thing was that my daughter's friend had her baby over and he kicked off socks so we had a couple teeny tiny socks, haven't had those in years, and they are super clean. Then it all went to the clothesline, in Colorado that means they dried in just a couple hours.

It is called the WOnder Wash

6-17-11, 12:23pm
So glad you like it! Enjoy!

6-17-11, 9:07pm
Thanks for the update Zoe Girl! I'm going to Google it so I can see what it's all about.

6-18-11, 7:50pm
Soak the dirty items in a solution of washing soda and hot water first and then toss them in the unit.

6-25-11, 1:28pm
I had one of those washers too. I was so excited to find a like new one in a garage sale for $5. The Ringing out of the laundry was very hard to do. I set the entire unit in the tub with a rack and kinda let the items drip dry, then hung them on the line. Perhaps If I was 20 again I would have liked it, but far to much work at my ripe old age. I find a sink works just as good.
I hope Zoe Girl likes her's though.