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6-6-11, 3:23pm
I am interested in finding charities that make good use of your money, and read a recommendation somewhere for this book by Peter Singer.

he also has a website


His book is life changing. He talks about how much money it takes to save a life by distributing malaria nets, immunization etc. and recommends using a charity evaluator www.givewell.net to make sure your money is going to help the poorest of the poor instead of lining the pockets of the leaders, paying CEO's or for advertising for example.

We really can live simply so that others may simply live. Many people live in this world on less than $1.25/day. Think of all the excess clothes, bottled water, soda, coffee out, eating out, wasting food etc and how with a different mindset we really can make a difference.

6-6-11, 7:38pm
I read that book last spring! It was really mind-blowing for me, and I did increase my charitable spending by quite a bit. But I also feel better about it, as I'm now more confident in which charities are doing real effective work with my money.