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6-8-11, 9:07pm
Let me start off by saying that I'm not one to shop for clothes a whole lot, and I hardly ever wear a dress. I just don't care for them that much. But when DH asked me if I could find a nice one to wear for our 10th anniversary . . . well, what could I say?

So I hunted and hunted and hunted, and eventually found this (http://www.landsend.com/pp/OriginalCottonVneckFlareDress~206182_59.html?bcc=y&action=order_more&sku_0=::TVY&CM_MERCH=IDX_Women-_-DressesSkirts-_-Dresses&origin=index) one from Land's End, which I thought was kind of cute; nice and summery.

Alas, Land's End sizing is bizarrely HUGE on me, and the dress made me look a) fat, b) frumpy, and c) pouffy. So it's going back. I am now pinning my hopes on this (http://www.modcloth.com/Womens/Dresses/-Wisteria-Wind-Dress) one from ModCloth which I hope will hide my figure imperfections (bit of a tum, bit heavy in the hips) without making me look a) fat, b) frumpy, or c) pouffy.

Sadly it doesn't arrive until next week, and we were planning our Special Lunch (hey, we're frugal) for Saturday. Oh, and the shoes I bought to go with the Land's End dress won't go with this one too well, but I'm thinking some lilac nail polish (which I also never wear) will take care of that.

I guess this is just a whine over having to waste time buying & returning dresses. I'd go to one of the several rather nice thrift stores around here, but they're only open when I'm at work . . .

6-8-11, 9:49pm
I feel bad for you SoSimple. (Warm hug to cheer you up). The first dress is elegant looking, in a casual way, but the second one is wow! Very nice! Multi-toned designs are perfect for drawing attention away from zones women love to hate. :)

Taking this moment to wish you a Happy Anniversary!

pony mom
6-8-11, 10:20pm
That ModCloth site is great! What amazing unique dresses. The one you chose is really nice. If you ever need another dress, you can always buy a skirt and blouse in the same print--it would look like a one piece dress when worn with a belt and since you don't wear them often, you can always use the blouse on its own.

Sad Eyed Lady
6-8-11, 10:27pm
I hope the ModCloth dress works for you; it is very pretty.

6-8-11, 10:55pm
Happy Anniversay!!
I know how you feel, you sound like you have a figuere like mine a nice round apple...hehe
When I needed to get something nice to wear to a wedding last summer I ended up like Pony Mom said and got a nice printed two piece outfit. The top was semi fitted and was left out.
It is a good look to cover over the middle. I did wear it one more time and have wore the blouse with dress pants for a dinner out.
You are right nail polish always makes one feel dressed up. Enjoy your frugal special lunch out..

Float On
6-8-11, 11:28pm
The Modcloth dress is lovely!

6-8-11, 11:32pm
They are lovely dresses. Don't you have anything nearer you than mail? What about a nice loaner from a friend? No go?

iris lily
6-8-11, 11:43pm
OP that's too bad that cute dress did not fit. I like the idea of cotton lawn.

6-9-11, 6:12am
Super bummer that the ModCloth dress won't be there in time for lunch. It looks really whimsical and romantically fun.

I like to order from LandsEnd and Talbots 'cuz you can return purchase at their brick and mortar stores (LandsEnd @ Sears).

Do you have an upscale consignment store in your area? I've found that they are less of a needle in a haystack than a thrift store. They are a bit more expensive than thrift stores, but I find the time saving worth it in that instance.

6-9-11, 6:13am
p.s. I MUCH prefer a nice lunch out to a dinner - same fantastic dishes at better, smaller portions for MUCH less $$$$. Plus you don't go to bed felling all stuffed.

6-9-11, 7:55am
Happy anniversary! Thanks for the Modcloth link; the clothes on that site are great to look at!

6-9-11, 12:03pm
Maybe you could go find some slightly sexy underthings to wear under a plain dress for lunch this Saturday, and tell your DH that he has a gift to unwrap in private. ;~)

6-10-11, 4:39am
Happy Anniversary to the both of you.
Nice dress choices.

6-10-11, 9:58pm
I'll report back on the ModCloth dress. DH actually found the site (it was featured in Entrepreneur magazine, of all places). Quite remarkable considering his idea of clothes shopping is finding the one pair od pants that fit and buying 5 pairs. Wait, that's kind of how I shop for clothes!

There are several high end thrift stores and consignment stores where I am but they're never open late enough for me to go to after work. And I'm not here most weekends.

Redfox: yes, I did dig around at the back of my wardrobe until I located a hardly worn little black dress (in linen) which I shall dress up, uh, underneath ;)

The modcloth one should be cute though. I do own about 4 dresses but none are at all dressy. More the kind of thing you put on when it's just too darn hot to wear shorts.

6-16-11, 7:22pm
The dress arrived and it's a hit! The flouncy top makes me look like I might actually have something up there, and the shaping on the skirt (and the stripes) make me look less pear-shaped than I am. I'm very happy with it.

6-16-11, 10:25pm
Woo-who!!! Go SoSimple! The very minute I looked at the dress you bought and the colour pattern/design, I knew it would be flattering.