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1-5-11, 5:38pm
It's a Horatio Alger kind of story, if you haven't come across it. In fact it could even be compared to Cinderella. A fallen radio announcer gets discovered panhandling and his voice goes viral on the internet. Within 24 hours he has a slew of dream-job offers. But he also seems like a really beautiful human being - humble, spiritual, and profoundly grateful for this blessing. Check it out.


1-5-11, 6:21pm
It really is a touching story. I was glad to hear he had put the drugs and alcohol behind him and chose a positive route in life.

1-5-11, 9:20pm
So wonderful.

iris lily
1-6-11, 9:56pm
I haven't watched the video. Sorry, it just all seems smarmy to me.

I am such a cynic. I know. Plus tonight I heard that the guy has detractors who are claling foul, but I have no idea if his "story"
is real or not.

I recommend, instead, the viral video going around about What Irish Sheepherders Do When Thye are Bored.

1-10-11, 10:55am
Touching...... the mom/son scene was so fun to watch

1-26-11, 4:34pm
Well, apparently it all unravelled. Dr. Phil got a hold of him, confronted him with his family, doing an intervention, twisted his arm to agree to a stay in a s****y rehab clinic in Texas. Even with Ted there, Dr. Phil did a telephone conference call with him, having him talk to his girlfiend to convince her to go into rehab for herself. The whole thing is so sad. It seems to me, Ted was just hustling for some money. Part of his spiel was to assure everybody that he had been clean for two years, while looking a mess. Once the media got a hold of him, he was thrown into the limelight, was on every talk show, people told him what to do, etc. Now that he checked himself out of rehab, he is being dropped like a hot potato. In the meantime his mother's hopes were raised once again that maybe this time it would be different. The truth of the matter is, he is an addict. Addiction is a disease with a high relapse rate. Only he knows when he is ready to take on his demons.

Who'd know that s.w.a.n.k.y is a forbidden word?

1-26-11, 6:38pm
Hahaha! I read it as if it rhymed with city, and wondered how you knew. :devil:

My initial impression of Williams was "low rent con artist," and that's been borne out.

1-29-11, 2:11am
Yeah, it's a shame. I watched one of the Dr. Phil episodes and cringed and didn't go back. My first thoughts were 1) Dr. Phil was exploiting him, and 2) he was making a lousy career choice by getting sidetracked into the self-help game. And 3) sympathy for his family, who doesn't need to have all their dirt dragged out into the limelight.

I stopped following him after that. Sorry to hear he checked out of rehab. If it really was a Dr. Phil railroading, maybe it wasn't a worthwhile program anyway. It's a shame. My heart still goes out to his family on this - how awful for them.

3-15-11, 7:09pm
One more pawn in the Dr. Phil hour of emotional voyeurism.

iris lily
3-15-11, 10:39pm
So did ya'll watch What Irish Sheepherders Do When They are Bored? Just Goggle it, it's fun.

Forgetabout manufactured emo heroes like Ted Williams.

3-17-11, 10:22pm
So did ya'll watch What Irish Sheepherders Do When They are Bored? Just Goggle it, it's fun.

Forgetabout manufactured emo heroes like Ted Williams.
OK OK, I'll go see.

Edited to add: The kids LOVED it.