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6-10-11, 10:39am
Sometimes when I log on a pop up says there is an update for my toolbar. Video soft toolbar? is this what I'm waiting for?

6-10-11, 12:25pm
I'm not familiar with that particular toolbar as there are hundreds available as addons to your browser. Did you install it on purpose and have a need for it?

On Edit:

I just looked around a bit and I'll guess that the Video soft toolbar is a third-party addon used to download videos from sites such as Youtube. If that is the case, you're probably just being advised that there are updates available.

If you use the toolbar and want to maintain it's functionality I'd probably accept the update. If you don't know how it got there and do not use it, I'd not accept the update and then un-install the application.

6-10-11, 3:41pm
ok. thanks.

6-10-11, 3:49pm
Peggy, upon re-reading the initial post, I realized you're referring to the Adobe/IE/Intel issue from a week or so ago, and the answer is No.
You need the latest Adobe Flash Player upgrade.