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Zoe Girl
6-10-11, 10:46pm
I got to go to a free breakfast at RAFT today (resource area for teachers) and even do some shopping. This is a place where companies donate excess everything and then the staff pmake them available super cheap to teachers. They even put together projects that meet state standards for math and science with materials they have. There are soooo many things. So I have a giant checkerboard someone gave me without peices and one of the guys I have worked with (I am running summer camp at his site he does during the school year) helped me figure out peices. I am putting colored paper in petri dishes, maybe adding glitter or beads to make noise, and then hot gluing them shut. It is gonna be cool. I also have two building toy projects with other recycled materials that I am working on. I will post pictures somewhere like facebook eventually, If you really want to see when I get things done then email me.


6-11-11, 6:39am
that petri dish reminds me of the old hand held roll around games that have beads or ball bearings that you roll around to get into little holes. I remember we spent a lot of time playing with these. Maybe a good craft project with decorating round (to fit the petri dishes) slightly thick mat board and then cartoons, drawings, etc. and a hole punch.

Zoe Girl
6-11-11, 8:38am
ooh I have extra ;petri dishes and I saw mat board at RAFT, add a design and a small ball and that would be a great toy. Plus if my older kids can create them then I have a project as well!

6-11-11, 9:29am
Lovely! I was happy to see a thread that said you were having fun, Zoe Girl! And it sounds like great fun and frugal good stuff for kids, too.