View Full Version : Sunbeam has a loyal customer for life.

6-13-11, 2:35pm
I have a tendency to cry from the rooftops when I have a bad customer service experience, so I want to make up for it now.

Several months ago I bought a brand new iron at Goodwill, still in its original packaging. I despise ironing with an unholy passion, so I was in no hurry to break it in. In fact, I only just pulled it off the shelf for the first time this weekend after several months. I plugged it in and ... ? Nothing. It was way too late to get a refund at Goodwill of course, and I knew Sunbeam wouldn't help me since I bought it from a third party. Still, I called up their CS line to see if I might have missed something in the instructions.

Apparently not. I was honest with the rep on the phone and told her I wasn't asking for a refund, just some guidance in using it. I read some code off its butt for her and she put me on hold for a moment. When she came back, she told me they'd send me a new one for free! :0! So I thanked her profusely and sang her praises in the automated survey at the end.

I'll be buying Sunbeam products for ever and ever from now on. :D

Float On
6-13-11, 3:57pm
That's 'above and beyond' customer service!

6-13-11, 7:12pm
That really is incredible service.

6-13-11, 9:46pm
Thanks for passing this information on, I'll favor Sunbeam products in the future!

6-13-11, 9:49pm
WOW! Now that is customer service! :)

6-14-11, 12:10am
That's 'above and beyond' customer service!

Yeah, I think I'll send them a glowing letter ... after I get the replacement. :~)

6-14-11, 6:08pm
Talk about a blast from the past! Wow! Just like the way they used to do things. I'm happy for you.

6-14-11, 9:55pm
What a wonderful response!!! Yay Sunbeam.

Kathy WI
6-14-11, 10:10pm
I have a Sunbeam mixer, and about a year after I got it (which was a long time ago) the motor burned out. I wrote to them and they sent me a new one, without any receipt or proof of when I bought it. I agree that Sunbeam is a good company.