View Full Version : Cleaning wax out of car seats?

6-15-11, 6:51pm
I had some XC ski wax in the back seat of my car. Unfortunately, one warm spring day it melted and leaked all out all over my seats. So now I have wax all in my seats. Boo. On a warm day I am afraid a passenger's pants might be stained. Right now I have some towels on the seats but would like to clean them properly.

I hate to buy a gadget to clean them.

A carwash can do it, but wondering if I can maybe do it more frugally than that. I think it would be about $30. Also one time I had my car detailed and I puked afterwards, possibly from the chemicals. They stunk.

Not sure if the iron and paper thing would work, though I can try it. It's a pretty liquid kind of wax.

Other ideas?

6-16-11, 8:01am
have you tried putting a warm, and then hotter iron over the paper towels to soak up the wax? Works on carpet and upholstery, try it.

6-19-11, 8:43pm
I've stopped by this thread many, many times over the past few days, and the only thing I can come up with (that I think would reward you with equal success as Tenngals' helpful suggestion), is to soften and liquefy the wax using a hand-held hair dryer (blow-dryer) and sop up the wax using a soft absorbent cloth or paper towelling. I'm thinking you will be able to work the mess to a stage/point where all that will be left is a subtle darker region which (I would think) should be able to be buffed out completely after the bulk of the mess has been removed.

6-19-11, 9:35pm
Is it soaked into the seats or on the surface? If it's not soaked in, you can wait for winter to freeze the seats and just peel it off.

3-3-12, 12:52pm
Any update to share, Fidgiegirl? :)