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6-16-11, 3:21pm
Anyone else (aside from myself) ever ask themselves, "where did the year go"? I find the older I get I can't believe how fast time goes by... It's depressing at times.

Sad Eyed Lady
6-16-11, 3:48pm
I know, I bemoaned winter till it was over and now here we are half way to it again! Where did the time go? Good question Mrs-M.

6-16-11, 4:50pm
I didn't actually age until I had my kids! Then, of course, the little buggers had the nerve to actually GROW UP! :doh: Yep, got bigger every day. Can you believe that?
And if that wasn't enough, they started doing things like, pointing out little grey hairs, and learning to drive, and moving away.
Yep, if you want time to stand still, don't have kids. Sure you get a little shock of surprise when you look in the mirror, :0! but really, you don't have to look in a mirror.

so, umm, is this advise too late Mrs. M?;)

6-16-11, 6:17pm
I know you probably didn't mean your question in a serious manner but please indulge me.....I have pondered this question for years.

When I was a child in public school it seems that time was so slow, that summer would never come, etc. As I got older in the Army and afterward in college it didn't speed up much really but maybe just a tad more than as a minor. Then as a single adult, working, dating, partying, etc. things really began to speed up. But after I got married, got serious about my work, bought a home, etc. time really began to fly. The next 20-25 years of my life seemed to disappear in just a flash. I even wondered at times if I had the beginnings of Alzheimer/Dementia because I simply could not remember stuff that happened along the way unless something or someone reminded me of it.

Then at age 52 I decided to retire early. I also went back to smoking pot, something that I hadn't done since my middle 30's. Time slowed down. My life slowed down. Obviously the first conclusion would be that because I retired, was not as busy, then that would be a reasonable explanation. But in my case my activity level was actually increased. I added on my home, did major work about my place, etc. Worked usually from daylight till dark with the help of a couple of local helpers and still time seemed to just drag by. Even today at 60 time seems to move slowly - I now just maintain around my place, am not nearly as active in the last 2-3 years, and yet time seems to be quite slow.

These are my conclusions -

A second in an altered state of consciousness can seem like hours. Think of being able to make everything appear to move in slow motion. Focus intently on something, becoming fully aware of what you see, excluding any outside stimuli, and you can actually manipulate time. Don't allow you mind to think of the future or things in the past - only the moment of now. Time is an illusion, only consciousness is reality.

Ever been stoned in your youth and driven down the road at 20 mph only to stop 50 ft. from the stoplight? Pot is just an example of what I'm talking about - I think the same thing occurs in meditation. Same for the baseball batter that focuses on the ball going 100 mph and can clearly see the rotation, the threads, etc while most of us only see a blur as the baseball crosses the plate - it's focus on the moment.

Why does music sound better when you are high? sex better? it is all about focus - living in the moment without distraction. Where does time go? Time is an illusion.

I swear I'm not high now so don't ask me what I'm smoking!! :|(


6-16-11, 7:06pm
My friend who meditates says that she doesn't have more time, but by being in the moment, it seems like she has more moments...maybe that's like what you mean, ZZM.

6-16-11, 8:08pm
My friend who meditates says that she doesn't have more time, but by being in the moment, it seems like she has more moments...maybe that's like what you mean, ZZM.

Thank you, I think that is exactly what I was trying to say. I think time is relative. In today's world distraction seems to be the order of the day.


6-16-11, 10:09pm
It really is unbelievable isn't it Shalom! So true.

Peggy. You're "about" 18 years too late on your advice! :laff:

Zigzagman. Oh but I did mean my question in a serious way. :) Lots of goodies in your post... Thank you.

Leslieann. Well then, looks like I'm going to take up meditation! :D

The part that never fails to surprise me and take me aback, is when I remember or think about something from long, long ago, and after thinking about when the experience or happening took place (coinciding with the time frame/era in my thoughts) I feel lost. In fact there are times an almost cold-freeze goes through me (head to toe) and numbs me to the bone as to just how fast time really does go by.