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6-17-11, 4:20pm
... for the national org that I mentioned 6-8 weeks ago (cannot find the original post). It was a very interesting interview! I'm interested with a precautionary concern that it's really a full time job that's being hired on as a half time one.

We'll see what happens.

6-17-11, 4:32pm
Nice! Good luck!

6-17-11, 6:29pm
I would be very cautious. In my former HSSJ, I was encouraged by the organization's leadership to shift to part-time after the birth of my second child. I agreed, took a cut in pay and hours, but the workload essentially remained unchanged. People outside a position often have a hard time estimating how much time the core tasks really take. And then there are all the unexpected things you need to deal with -- especially as an ED!

That being said, if they are open to discussion and negotiation, see where it takes you. Just don't trap yourself into doing high-level work for what ends up being low-level pay. In your case maybe your fundraising background can come in handy in the negotiations -- can you make raising funds to increase your salary (or hire more support staff) one of your tasks?

Good luck!


6-23-11, 7:46pm
I said yes to the offer! And yes, the first goal is to raise funds to get it to a full time gig. I am about to launch into working 2 half time non-profit executive positions... this will be quite the time management challenge... my plan is a M-T full days & Wed till 1 at #1, Wed afternoon, Th & Fri full days at #2, which is home based.

I'm trying to decide if I tell my current ED that I've gotten a second position. The sectors do not overlap, and there are no personnel policies about this. I am of the mind that it's no one's business... and yet I'm concerned that word will travel via the fundraising world, and it would be better to hear it from me. I start the new gig after the 4th holiday, and will work on balancing the schedule in July. I'm keeping my first position as the second one has no benes for now, and because I do feel some commitment to them.

I know consultants who do this all the time - so I'm looking for models to learn to balance the work. I have my husband's full support, and the income will be lovely...

6-23-11, 8:40pm
Best wishes on the new job and congrats on getting the position!

iris lily
6-23-11, 9:46pm
That's good news! Now you can save like crazy for retirement.

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