View Full Version : Organizing as a couple

6-22-11, 12:45pm
Dh is a packrat, to put it mildly. For my birthday this month, I asked him to organize his stuff: clothes in closet, papers in file cabinet, tools in toolbox, etc. He did it. First time in years we can use our one table for eating, not junk depository. Now that he's doing it, I have to be even more organized than I was before--match his organization or he'll go back to the old way. I love it. Our house feels spacious, he knows where his things are for the first time in years.:cool:

6-22-11, 12:59pm
Awesome. Glad he reacted positively. It does feel so good to be organized. In fact I'm going to be working on that all day today.

6-22-11, 6:33pm
Did this in my office at work before going away for a week, and both the physical desktop & e-desktop were organized and so nice to come back to!

6-22-11, 9:36pm
My adage has always been, "two is better than one", so great news that is Larknm. You may notice the good-health and well being (feeling) you get as a result of less clutter/disorganization. I find in speaking for myself, I feel better, sleep better, eat better, and am much more happy and content when my environment is clean, organized, and clutter-free!

6-22-11, 9:57pm
i hope he keeps up with the process -- because it is a process.

i have to stay on top of DH pretty intensely, or it slips back fast. :) old habits die hard. :)