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Zoe Girl
6-24-11, 11:31pm
I am taking a 1 day intensive Spanish class to get started. I have mixed feelings about needing Spanish to advance my career but the reality is that in education it is very important. So my long term goal is also to practice my French and be tri-lingual and to teach meditation at some point. That may not be the earning career part with the meditation but the trilingual will be good.

Okay, bon chance pour moi!!

6-25-11, 8:18am
Languages are wonderful so enjoy the different ways of expressing yourself!

6-25-11, 9:19am
It will be worthwhile whether you end up using it in your career or not!

Cognitive benefits:

6-25-11, 3:08pm
Wow a field in which Spanish actually matters. Yes we're all told it's terribly important, but the truth is it means next to nothing to most of corporate America.

7-8-11, 5:20am
¿Cómo te fue? :)