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1-6-11, 4:17pm
I have been keeping track on facebook of the books I have read ie. finished. I have started and not finished a LOT more...

What I read in 2010

7 Sookie Stackhouse books (#2-8)
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Girl who Played with Fire
The Alchemist
The Old Man and the Sea
Here Be Dragons
World Without End
And then we came to the End
The Art of Racing in the Rain
The Lost Symbol

The Tipping Point - Malcolm Gladwell
Women Food and God
The Bedwetter (sarah silverman)

1-6-11, 5:21pm
I don't keep track. AND I have a bad memory for names and titles. So now n then I come across one I've already read, kind of like a wonderful surprise (if I enjoyed it the first time.) :D

Sad Eyed Lady
1-6-11, 7:26pm
I started doing this a few years ago. My reason for doing so is because my friend Anna did. My friend Anna was my wonderful neighbor, now in her late 80's or maybe even 90. She was an avid reader and kept a list, but I say "was" and "did" because my good friend has been lost in the terrible illness of alzheimer's. I keep my book list as a tribute to her. She was an interesting, intelligent woman, and what great discussions we had after reading the same books, and how I miss doing this.

1-6-11, 8:05pm
I love keeping book lists. In the past I kept lists in a notebook, but once I started homeschooling, I neglected my book lists and kept lists of the books the kids read. I missed my own lists! Usually I like paper lists more than online versions, but I recently discovered shelfari.com and I'm starting to keep my list book list there. There are some discussion boards and reader reviews that are fun to browse.

1-6-11, 8:28pm
no never have. I read at least one book a week, and also get them a bit muddled by title later on.

1-6-11, 9:18pm
I read one or two books a week. I know what I'm reading because they are piled all around my night table! I have never kept track. What a good idea! :idea:

iris lily
1-6-11, 9:46pm
I've been thinking about doing this.

For the longest time I couldn't think of the name of an author I wanted to revisit. All I could remember is that I met her at a local library several years ago.She was the recipient of their annual literary award, so I went them an inqury saying: who was this author, she was Scottish, she won your literary award some years ago. etc. You'd think they would have that award list up on their website, but no. Anyway, it took them so long to answer that I finally rememberd the name of on eof her novels. doh.

If you got through this long explanation, ahah, good for you.

Yes, keep lists.

But better yet, keep lists of films. I've got a list of films on the IMDB, ones that are that are foreign and are always tricky to find with their wonky titles.

1-6-11, 11:26pm
I had a friend who has since passed on who kept a list of books read under the alphabetical listing of authors. She also penciled in the list any books by the same author that she was looking for and hoping to read at some point. I know that I would never be that organized.

1-6-11, 11:37pm
I wish I had been keeping a list since I was a lot younger. There are a lot of books I read as a teen that I'd like to know the author or read again. I still don't write anything down consistently.

1-7-11, 1:48pm
It's possible to do this, sort of, at LibraryThing (http://www.librarything.com/). They have a category called "read but unowned," and I'm starting to keep track there of all the books I read.

1-7-11, 6:28pm
We have friends that in their yearly Christmas letter, one would list the books they had read during the past year...always a very intellectual list. I thought that was a bit over the top. Not sure if they were trying to impress us or what! It was always with a good chuckle!

1-7-11, 9:52pm
I sort of have a list. Started keeping one, then didn't keep up with it. Now I'm thinking of just keeping a list of books that I like but don't own. But then I think if it's not worth owning, why is it worth listing?

1-7-11, 10:15pm
I use Goodreads and really like it, mainly because it links to my friends on Facebook so I can get ideas. But I also like to look back and remember all the books I've read. I like making lists, and I like reflecting. So sometimes I will make a new list, like "most memorable," or something of the like.

1-8-11, 8:11pm
I've been keeping an Excel spreadsheet for about 10 years. I would NEVER remember what the heck I read if I didn't write it down.

1-8-11, 11:20pm
WOW KatieB12 - that is pretty good to have a spreadsheet.

Me, I have the list in Word. But only the non-fiction books that I have read. I also have that on my resume, to explain my knowledge in a particular subject that is beyond my degree in science. I mean, come on, you want to know my GPA from 20 years ago! So I tell them what books I have read since 2007. The list is pretty long, at least two bulleted pages. And then on my website, I had lots of books that we had read on the sides as a kind of list, but I did not put all of them on there.

I think that if I start reading fiction again (been reading lots of non-fiction) I will start putting it back on the website. It is a great way to see what books I have read on the months that we have done it. So we can go back to whatever month and say, remember this one?

1-9-11, 8:25am
It's possible to do this, sort of, at LibraryThing (http://www.librarything.com/). They have a category called "read but unowned," and I'm starting to keep track there of all the books I read.
This is what I do, too. I keep forgetting to put in the dates, though.

1-9-11, 9:10am
I don't keep a list of the books I've read or of the books I own but wish I did and I should start (New Year's resolution??). I purchased a book from ebay and was so excited when it came. While looking at the book I thought it looked familiar, glanced up on the bookshelf and there it was so I had 2 copies. On another occasion, I read of a book I wanted to purchase and when looking for something else on the bookshelf found that I already had the book. I bought and read it so long ago that I had forgotten I even had it. For the compulsive list maker that I am I fall way short in this area.

1-9-11, 10:24am
The only book list I keep is the one for books To Read. I usually borrow them from the library and my local library is fairly small so I interlibrary loan a lot, which means I have to wait at least 3-6 months after another library purchases it (which may not match the release date). So I keep a list of books to borrow/read, and as time allows I ask for one on the list. Since I've gotten extremely picky about what books I have at home (and am slowly converting over to eBooks), my shelves have actually gotten a lot lighter. Thank heavens for Paperback Swap and Swap A CD!

2-17-11, 12:44pm
I wish I had been keeping a list since I was a lot younger. There are a lot of books I read as a teen that I'd like to know the author or read again. I still don't write anything down consistently.

This is the main reason I started keeping track of what I books I read. There are so many books that I read when I was younger that I wish I could find again. My recollection of most of these books is vague at best. I have been keeping track of all books read since 2002. Since I started keeping tract, the number of books I reach each year has gone up considerably.

2-18-11, 9:39am
I did not used to but since getting my Kindle in November of 2009 I have been. It is fun to go back through the lists. I have read 156 Kindle books so far.

iris lily
2-18-11, 10:43am
I recently ran across my lists of summer reading program books (the library program) from the past 4 years. I didn't think I had kept them, but I did. I record there only the books I finished, which isn't many. Even then it's surprising how many are forgetable.

My favorite book this year was the novel Room by (something like) Emma McDonough. relaly really good, and original.

2-24-11, 7:44pm
My library has an option on their online catalog to keep my reading history, so I have a list of all the books I've checked out in the past 5 years or so. There are quite a few books on the list I don't remember at all.

Libraries normally do not retain records of what has been checked out (in order to maintain confidentiality.)