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7-2-11, 3:25am
Morning all, my name is Kevin and I'm from an area of southern England called the New Forest. It isn't new and most of it isn't woodland, but it's wild and beautiful and I love it.

I've been debt-free for a couple of years and my objective now is to be mostly work-free before I'm too old to enjoy it. I'm fortunate to have a lovely wife, a brilliant daughter and a good place to live. If only it weren't for the spirit crushing job, life would be perfect..!

Anyway, I have enjoyed reading about other people's ideas for simple / frugal living and so I thought I'd register and say hello. Most of the members here seem to be in North America and it's really fascinating to get a different perspective compared with, say, the forums on the Money Saving Expert site here in the UK.

With best wishes


7-2-11, 5:18am
Hello Kevin
I'm Scots - but at least I live on the same side of the pond as you!

I used to live in Hampshire a while back and have fond memories of places like The Cat & Fiddle pub in the NF, where friends who were folk singers often appeared. I love Lymington!

7-2-11, 6:41am
Hi Ishbel

Me too, technically - born in Dunfermline, family all worked in the dockyard or at the naval base in Rosyth, or in the Jockey underwear factory up the road. My dad was in the navy, so I left Scotland when I was 4 and you won't hear a trace of Scots in my accent (more's the pity).

We are towards the western edge of the forest, near Ringwood. There is a Cat & Fiddle a few miles away, on the A35 near Christchurch. Quite a large pub with a thatched roof - I don't think they encourage folk singers any more though!

Thanks for responding, it's good to make your acquaintance.

Best wishes


7-2-11, 6:47am
Welcome! It will be interesting to hear your perspective.

7-2-11, 10:09am
That is the very cat & fiddle I meant! Sad to hear that they no longer encourage folkies. The Morris Dancers used to turn up at Sunday lunch-times, too - always a great laugh as they were all real-ale or cider drinkers. Many years ago, the C&F used to make it's own cider.

Ahhh, a Fifer, eh? I know the Kingdom quite well, too - especially the East Neuk and St Andrews.

Sad Eyed Lady
7-2-11, 10:32am
Welcome Kevin, I hope you will be right at home here!

7-2-11, 5:51pm
Welcome Kevin, so nice to have you!

7-3-11, 6:54am
Thank you for the welcome, everyone. It's good to meet you!