View Full Version : why two jobs is not working any more

Zoe Girl
7-5-11, 11:02pm
Dang it! I keep running and re-running the numbers but I still need both jobs. I asked for 2 days off for vacation and I asked kinda late. My supervisor is on vacation so the system either denied because it was pushing the last minute for asking off (I still think I was within and ok time) or because everything gets auto-denied when your supervisor does not look at it quickly enough. Either way I am probably going to just call in for at least one shift, maybe cut my trip a little short so I am back for the other one and that was my vacation. Dang it, I just don't keep track so well with everyday working and having to do things only at work for the weekend one (it is over a 30 minute drive so I don't go by any other time). Just argh!