View Full Version : Spending too much or earning too little?

7-8-11, 4:51am
Does anyone know of any resources (print or online) that deal with the issue of 'spending too much or earning too little'? That is, helping people recognise that maybe they do actually earn plenty to sustain themselves and do the things they want, but they misdirect their spending and therefore consider themselves as earning too little. Living within one's means, I suppose, and strategies to enable us to do so.


7-8-11, 6:15am
The Tightwad Gazette covered this topic often in her newsletter. The newsletter ceased publication years ago, but she put together a number of books that contained the material in her newsletter.

One column in particular stayed with me, about the "wow" factor of a purchase. If I'm going to spend twice as much on an item, it better give me twice as much "wow" as the cheaper alternative. If not, its not a good value. Sometimes I /do/ buy the more expensive option after consideration, but its always intentional not just habit.