View Full Version : Saving $$ on laundry

7-16-11, 2:52pm
I imagine most of us already do all these, but it's a good list to share with someone you want to turn onto frugality!


7-16-11, 5:28pm
An awesome list indeed Redfox! I like to look at important lists such as these as if they are bibles of sorts, bibles for the homemaker. Great guidance reminders they are and superb teachers to those not yet practicing simple/frugal living.

7-16-11, 6:31pm
We have been experimenting with using less and less soap. I am surprised how little soap still gives you a lot of suds, except when washing undergarments, oils must decrease the amount of suds. My wife likes the suds...except most of the time it requires a 2nd rinse to get rid of all the soap... I also have been cutting the fabric softner sheets in half (and the cheapo brand) and it still seems to go a good job.