View Full Version : Summer yard sale and thrift shop finds

7-16-11, 7:30pm
Nearly new pair of ECCO sandals - $2
Big strong maple cutting board about 16 x 16 and at least 2.5 inches thick - $3


looks a lot likethat one.

7-16-11, 10:32pm
Those are nifty finds Kally! No finds to share (as of yet), but the year for garage/yard sales is young yet! Stay tuned. :)

early morning
7-17-11, 8:56am
We've bought some nice things for resale, among them 2 old painted side tables for $1, should fetch at least $15, even in this economy. Got a nice white jelly cupboard for $35, it went for $125. So there are good things out there! For me personally - I got a shirt for work for 25 cents, and a small lidded galvanized garbage pail for $2, which will hold wood pellets (kitty litter!) in the shed. Also a white wooden tool carrier - I like these for organizing sewing things, for silverware/condiments on the patio, etc. It was $5, which isn't great, but not bad either. I've not spent much at sales this year, but the "world's longest yard sale" - US Rt 127 - is coming up soon!