View Full Version : Something like Lehman's in Canada?

7-19-11, 11:56am
Hi folks,

Does anyone know of a store like Lehman's in Canada? I tried to order a few things from them yesterday (even though they're expensive, they still have the best prices I've found on water bath canners and Lodge cast iron), and they wanted to charge me $203 to ship my $93 order to Canada. Not so much! Here in Vancouver, I can have them ship my order to Pt. Roberts, WA and go pick it up, but it would be nice to find a Canadian source for similar items.


7-19-11, 12:24pm
Hi Perplexa. Had to call up my dad just now to get the name for you. Lee Valley Tools/Hardware.


7-19-11, 1:34pm
That is what this ex-Vancouverite would say too, Lee Valley.

7-19-11, 1:36pm
This time of year you can find water bath canners in ost of the big box stores such as Walmart, Canadian Tire, Zellers. As for the cast iron what exactly are you looking for? Good cast iron skillets can often be found at thrift stores.

7-19-11, 9:31pm
I know a place in Ontario that has great items. I just looked up their website for you and their shipping is reasonable, based on your purchase price.
Maybe they would have what you want and they sell Lodge cast iron. Good luck.

7-20-11, 1:22am
Thank you so much for the suggestions! Both Lee Valley and Berry Hill Limited look great and will stay on my radar.

libby, you're probably right that I should look in thrift stores first. I've had some bad luck with thrift store cast iron (but I didn't choose it), and in the States cast iron is so cheap that it didn't seem worth the trouble. It's significantly more expensive here (like 2-3x more expensive) so I think I'll try my local thrift store first. I'm just looking for a skillet, so that should be easy.

I'm trying to avoid buying from the big box stores, but I may end up going to Canadian Tire after all.

7-20-11, 2:02am
I got a cast iron pan just by asking for one on freecycle.

7-20-11, 10:58am
Freecycle! Duh! I didn't even think of that.