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7-29-11, 12:38am
So I really want to recycle - and do a little bit now, but I get really overwhelmed with trying to figure out what is or isn't recyclable. For instance - I once tried to look up if I could recycle DVD's (cause I broke one) and all I could find was that parts of them are toxic and 'might' be recyclable. My goal is to buy nothing that goes to the landfills.

Can anyone recommend a website that can help me sort out what I can and cannot recycle?

7-29-11, 1:23am
Your local utility should have that information. I'd call the folks who pick up your garbage & recycling, and ask them.

7-29-11, 5:42am
Ditto what redfox said. You should start with the recycling facilities near you, because they are the ultimate authority on what they will & won't take.

Float On
7-29-11, 8:07am
I know our recycle center has a website and their list of what they can and cannot accept keeps changing. Also keep your eyes open for unusual recycle centers. My son pointed out to me a box for recycling MP3 players at Best Buy the other day. I know I take my printer cartriges to Staples for credit. My eye Dr keeps a box by the door for old or broken glasses and sunglasses (he repairs them and uses them on mission trips).