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Zoe Girl
7-29-11, 8:20pm
I have felt a real part of a team and valued member at that. I am not just the weirdest one in the room, the one who is a little too excited about what we are doing, the one that talks waaay too fast. So regardless of pay I am feeling so good after my week of training heading into the next year that I am ready to bust. I noticed that people approach me during sharing times and seek me out to work with me. We are planning trainings we are going to lead for the large staff groups (abotu 250 people) and I was given several jobs that are core trainings where I can really use both my positive energy and creativity. I was surpirsed that I kept on getting feedback about my energy level (it is very high and they see that as good) and my positivity. It is nice to see how others see me.

Okay, we put our dog down just this afternoon. I had to leave training early and they were just awesome, the last clean up at my camp site is taken care of and the payroll too, So not only do I feel like I am contributing but I feel like I can take care of the rest of my life as well.

7-29-11, 8:34pm
Sorry to hear about your dog...but, thrilled to hear your positiveness about your job and you feeling as an important part of a team. Though most people celebrate the New Year in January, those of in Education know that it really comes at the beginning of a new school year. Happy New Year Zoe Girl...blow those horns and throw some confetti!

7-29-11, 8:40pm
Zoe, glad to hear!

7-29-11, 8:45pm
Sorry to hear about your dog. :-(

But, thrilled to hear that everything is going so well with you job!!! :-)

7-29-11, 9:06pm
Yes, I am so sorry about your dog--that is so , so hard, and my condolences for the loss of your Zoe.

I am SO glad to hear work is going so well!

7-30-11, 1:27am
Also sorry about your doggy, but way to go on finding your niche! And so wonderful that you are getting positive feedback and support. I wrapped up my orientation season last week, and one of my favorite wrap-up tasks is always doing the evaluations. SOOOOOO many positive comments about me and my team mate, and how much people value and appreciate our work. Orientations are always hard for me as a natural introvert -- I have to fool people into thinking that I am an extrovert, often for several days running! And they are exhausting, long days and at the end of it I am completely wiped. But then to get that positive feedback and read page after page of people singing our praises and making special mention of things that are really important to me to deliver as part of my job is just FAB!

Suggestion: If there are particularly nice evaluations or emails you have gotten, pull them out and make a copy and put it in what I call the "yay me!" file. It really helps when you are feeling down about stuff at work to pull out all that positive feedback sometimes. And it is a great resource for when you are doing your performance evaluation.


7-30-11, 6:13am
I second Lhamo. You must have your own file of every single thing good thing that you receive to use for later time when you have to provide your own evaluation comments. Amazing how hard it is when you just try to do it from memory.

Also make notes of positive happenings and notes of what you contributed for the same reason. Relying on memory is not a good thing for those who find it hard to blow our own horns.

Zoe Girl
7-30-11, 11:25am
ahhh good reminder. I can be pretty hard on myself and during this training I recalled several things that should go into a 'yay me' file. Like being a requested substitute teacher and getting to 'super sub' status in 2 districts one year. Which reminds me to finish developing my class I want to teach on how to be a super sub! Especially now that they are laying off teachers and I suspect some people are going into subbing instead of full time work. Should have done it awhile ago, sigh.

Lhamo, I am also an introvert (although friends will say i am the most extroverted introvert they know) and one of our presenters told us she is an introvert. She was the best, really great presentation on management and professionalism. So my theory is that introverts notice a lot of non-verbal expressions and that we tend to give people time to think before sharing, plus we respect that not everyone is comfortable so we make ways to create an environment that is more comfortable.

BTW i saw how we did things and a few times I realy cringed at my younger self and how I would have done it before. That is okay, can't go back, just glad I have it better now.

8-5-11, 10:11am
That is so great to hear about how excited you are, Zoe! What a change from the Target situation. It's great you found something that really feeds your soul.