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7-29-11, 8:47pm
Got a bite on my resume, for a state job (Texas). Preparing for the TWO hour interview (groan). The odd request was a questionaire in great detail that I am supposed to submit to my former employer. I asked my brother, who works in human resources, about it. He said NO employer in their right mind would do that. I am certain this particular former employer wouldnt do it, even if they answered it , it would not be flattering. Not sure what to say to them in the interview over this "questionaire".

7-29-11, 8:59pm
I would tell them that you are happy to provide them with names and contact information for 3 professional references if they are interested in having you move forward in the hiring process after the first interview.

If they want to verify your previous employment before hiring you, they should call the HR dept of your previous employer to simply verify dates worked and the title of the position you held. The form seems like overkill and an attempt to gather additional information that may be irrelevant.

The only exception I can think of is a job that requires some type of security clearance. I had several former employees who applied to work for the FBI and the gathering of information pertaining to prior employment is extremely thorough. Always freaked me out a little bit when the men in black suits with FBI credentials would show up on my doorstep and want to talk to me about my former employees and whether they harbored any ill-will towards the United States government.

7-30-11, 9:23am
Thanks for the reply cdttmm. Most companies will only say that a person worked there, give dates and a yes or no as to whether they will rehire. I will see how the interview goes and go from there with it. I have never seen anyone requestion a form be filled out!