View Full Version : New job, now hiring staff - a dilemma

7-29-11, 10:21pm
I put a call out for applicants to a position at the org I just took over from the retiring ED, and got a Facebook message from a friend asking if I would mind if she applied.

I have a policy of not hiring friends, and I know her habits too well to consider her even if I didn't have that policy. Sooo... do I tell her about my own policy? It's not the organizations policy. Hiring is up to my discretion.

What would you do?

7-30-11, 1:21am
I think it is easier (and easier for her to take) to explain it as your own policy than it will be to tell her the real reason why you won't hire her. Though if you think she needs a little tough love, maybe you might want to mention that you really need someone who can give you 120% on this job, and you think (in addition to your policy of not hiring friends and keeping work and personal life separate) she would not be the best fit for the position.

Good luck with your search for excellent employees,and with building a team you can be proud of that will produce the results you need to get this organization growing! I actually really love the hiring process...


7-30-11, 11:16am
That's the great thing about having a policy - it's the same for everyone, you articulate it up front and no one wastes their time.

7-30-11, 3:07pm
Thanks all...